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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Wonderbly has the Golden Ticket!

"Welcome my friends, welcome to my chocolate factory"
Willy Wonka

Have you heard of Wonderbly? If you haven't, I'm sure you've heard of Lost My Name? The wonderfully creative company that brought us the personalised, immersive and intricately illustrated The Little Girl who Lost her Name and The Little Boy who Lost his Name?

In 2012, four friends combined their ideas, their endless talents and every spare minute of their day to creating something special. They made a personalised book that was like no other, and were behind the launch of the company we knew as Lost My Name. With the perfect mix of imaginative rhyme and attractive illustration, these four friends soon realised that they had brought something to the market that people wanted. People in their hundreds, their thousands ... their millions! Fast forward to 2017, a mere five years later, and the company has grown so much, a rebrand was needed.

And so we have Wonderbly!

Boasting a total of 6 captivating story books, Milestone cards, a Snap! game and an alphabet poster, all personalised, of course, Wonderbly, for now, cater for a young audience between the ages of 0-12 years.

"Come with me, And you'll be
In a world of pure imagination ..."

Now, just when we thought their books couldn't get any more beautiful, they go and bring out something extra amazing. Brilliant in anyone's eyes, I'd say, but Munch is such a huge fan of Roald Dahl and I believe his masterpieces will always have a significant place in her heart.

So, when she is handed a carefully crafted book that promises to take her imagination to places it has never before ventured and offers her a deeper look into the wacky world of Willy Wonka, she couldn't get the front cover open quickly enough!

Introducing My Golden Ticket!

As much as I want to delve into this book in great detail, showing you every page and telling you all about the amazing adventure it offers from cover to cover, I feel that would take away some of the magic that comes from laying eyes on these pages for the first time. The illustrations are, as always, captivating, and the text, design and whole idea behind this creation is something quite special and is sure to be treasured for a lifetime and beyond by any Roald Dahl fan.

Readers, young and old, are treated to a classically exciting introduction when they open the front cover. Anyone that has read the story or watched the film starring the most fantastically eccentric chocolate factory owner ever known, has felt the excitement surrounding the children of the story as they peel back those candy wrappers to reveal a corner of shimmering gold, Wonderbly's Golden Ticket begins this journey with a golden ticket. A ticket that means exclusivity, and gives its holder access to to places never seen before. And that is exactly what Wonderbly offers here.

And a personalised touch to start the adventure ...

From Factory Rules to Floor Plans, Room Tours to a Rock Candy Mine, just as Mr Wonka had done for a little boy many years ago, Wonderbly have managed to create a beautifully bonkers, wonderfully wacky, but spectacularly special book that takes you on a walk deeper and deeper into the world of Wonka, which all leads to something quite amazing at the end.

But I wouldn't spoil that!

The design of every page has been carefully constructed, ensuring that no part of any page is left bare. Illustrations large and small grace every inch of every page, and every single one of them has meaning and a significant place in the book.

Watching Munch's facial expressions as she turns each page has been an adventure in itself, and listening to her reading the words, some of which have been written especially for her, is absolutely magical. The long, Dahlish words that can have a completely different definition each and every time they are read, allow her imagination to venture on an infinite number of adventures.

So far, Munch has read this book a number of times, and she seems to notice something she hadn't noticed before every time, so I'd call that a gift that keeps on giving! One thing I do know though, is that the next time she reads Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it will be through an entirely evolved pair of eyes! After all, she now knows exactly how much magic those stony walls are hiding!

This book is an ideal and unique gift for any Roald Dahl fan, young or old! And ordering a copy could not be easier. The Wonderbly website is incredibly inviting and simple to use, and the step by step instructions guide you through the whole process, making sure that nothing is missed along the way. And with the option to add your own personalised message to the beginning of the book, you really are creating something that will be treasured forever! Available in paperback (£19.99) or hardcover (£25.99), Wonderbly keep you completely up to date on the status of your order and, if you do encounter a problem (which is very unlikely), then their customer service is second to none! 

I hope Wonderbly continue to grow, as the magic they provide to their audience is truly enchanting. I honestly believe, with Wonderbly, anything is possible if you just unleash a little imagination!

The joy in those eyes ...? 
That's the wonder of Wonka ...
That's the wonder of Wonderbly!

Keep up to date with news, offers and upcoming titles by following Wonderbly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and see how to order any of the Wonderbly range & keep an eye on updates on their website.

We were sent a copy of My Golden Ticket for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are 100% our own. No other payment was received.

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