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Friday, 6 October 2017

#Blogtober17 Day 6: Flowers

Let your dreams blossom!

Today's prompt for #Blogtober17 is 'Flowers' - an easy one, right? I could talk about my favourite flowers, but that's pretty dull for a blog post. I could write about the flowers I have chosen to adorn our upcoming wedding ceremony, but that post would probably be over before it's started. So I thought about it for a while and then kicked myself for even thinking about it! After all, when it comes to flowers, my angle is pretty obvious!

Before babies started filling our lives, The Man would frequently come home from work with a bunch of flowers. He'd walk through the door, clutching the pretty bouquet and would approach me with a smile. "Here ..." he'd say ...

"I saw these and ..."

Before he could say much more, those flowers were straight into a vase (no time for stem snipping or proper arranging) and the camera was poised. The colours, the shapes - he just couldn't (and still can't) walk past a florist without something catching his eye. He wouldn't just see beautiful flowers, he would see angles, light & shade, composition. Now, don't get me wrong, I did get flowers from him ... I just got them second hand! The camera lens got to see every inch of those beauties before I could even get my hands on them to give them water!

It may sound as though I am complaining. Far from it!
Do you know why?
Because the man didn't just give me flowers ... he didn't hand me beautiful, mortal stems that would last a week or so before withering. He made sure that those flowers would last forever, and his attention to detail and the angles he observed meant that I would remember every single one of those blooms in their most stunning form.

The Man has had an interest in photography since long before we met. It made me smile when I found out he had this love. I had grown up surrounded by everything photography. Dad was a professional throughout my childhood, and, until I was 9 years old, we lived in a 2 storey flat above his studio and shop. I remember so much. I remember the long hours he would work as he would get booked up for important events, back-to-back. I remember the smells - from the strong odour of the chemicals in his dark room, to the smell of the drawer that stored old, unused photographs, film capsules and everything else that was no longer needed but was always kept (by the way, I loved the smell of that drawer!) So, finding someone to share my life with that also shares a lifelong passion with the #1 man in my life was a bit of a win!

The Man started to take more photos and slowly upgraded the important parts of his equipment. He started to be creative with household objects and discovered that he had a real talent for macro photography - especially when it included water droplets. As the years passes, more opportunities came along, including family photo shoots, promotional work for a local hotel and something that is becoming a favourite, weddings.

Today sees him and my dad in the early stages of starting their own photography business. I will write again soon with more details about that. I want to shout their business name from the rooftops and entice you all to follow their new social media channels, but I'm not allowed to yet as they haven't uploaded enough material yet, but soon ...

But for now, I will come back to how this post is related to flowers.
Well, flowers is where it all really began, and with all the flower topics I could have written about, with an Instagram account like this, there is not a more appropriate angle ... for me!

So, as the quote I have chosen to use above says, "All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today", and in the case of The Man and my dad, this couldn't be more true! Today, a little seed ... tomorrow, a full garden in bloom!


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