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Thursday, 5 October 2017

#Blogtober17 Day 5: Education

I loved school ... but ...

As a child, I loved school. I have very fond memories of Primary School and I think back to Secondary with a smile. I may not have always realised how much I enjoyed it, and certainly wouldn't have admitted it at the time, but I liked being at school. The High School years brought with them their tough times, but I still get an excited feeling in my tummy and a head full of flashbacks if ever I pass my old schools! In fact, I loved it that much, I stayed in full time education until my 20's and then chose Education as my career. 

Education is today's prompt for #Blogtober17, and whilst I could write a long winded post about my own education memories or present you with stories of my time spent teaching, I feel they might be for another time.

Munch is in Year 3 now. She just turned 8 years old, and we honestly couldn't be prouder of how she has progressed during the last 3 years. She really is a little Mini-Me as she adores going to school. She complains every morning about having to drag herself out of bed (apart from at weekends!), but never ever complains about having to go to school. She skips in every morning with a smile on her face, and can frequently be found expanding on the things she has done at school when she gets home. However, as much as I was a fan of the daily education routine, I was so incredibly unprepared when it came to Munch's time to start. In my plight to try and wrap my head around my first born being plunged into the education system, I wrote some of my thoughts down (standard!) in the form of an open letter style post to her new teacher. I felt it was an appropriate time to share these words again. I know many of you reading this will be able to relate to that first day feeling ...

Dear Mrs O ...

Dear Mrs O, as the new term begins,
I felt I should write you a letter.
I'm not really sure what I want it to say,
But writing stuff makes me feel better!

September of the year 2014,
Has no real importance to some.
But here, there are emotions all over the place,
Some which are leaving me quite numb.

Monday the 8th is a very big day,
It's the day that I bring you my Munch!
She'll stay with you all by herself for some time,
And I'll leave her with you until lunch.

I'm feeling a little bit nervous now,
Between excitement and dread I feel torn.
I knew I would struggle, but never this much,
As i get ready to share my first born!

Munch and I have always been close,
A mummy's girl right from the start.
We have always done everything together you see,
She's our original 'Mini Me' Hart!

Whenever she's sick or full of a cold,
If she falls and grazes her knee ...
At times when she's sad and just needs a hug,
She always comes straight to me!

Days when she's tired and just wants to chill,
On those mornings following a bad night.
She knows we can curl up and watch some TV,
Or read a book until she's feeling alright.

Now what will happen if she's feeling sad?
Will you promise to notice her tears?
Will you be there to lift her when she falls down?
Will you hug her to soothe any fears?

I know she's excited, I know she is scared,
Anxious and quite worried too.
I smile and tell her she's going to be fine,
Because I know that is totally true.

But it's hard to keep smiling and urging her on,
Some tell me to stop being a fool.
We grew so comfortable in the safety net,
That we lived in with nursery school.

So uniform is bought and new shoes are clean,
She's told me how she wants her hair!
She's written her holiday diary,
Ready to take in and share.

Mrs O, please will you promise,
To take our Munch under your wing?
Will you care for her just like I do?
Do you have my number so you can ring?

Will you hug her if she feels frightened?
Will you laugh with her when she's a clown?
Will you stop her when she takes jokes a little too far,
And know how to calm her right down?

I know now's the time to loosen my grip,
To untangle the old apron strings.
The first step to letting her find her own way,
And helping her spread her wings.

I'm finding it hard to let go here, you see,
My feelings are all in a whirl!
I'm handing you something so precious to me,
As I hand you my big baby girl!

She grew fond of you on the very first day,
When she met you on her trial session.
When you showed all the apprehensive parents and kids,
How we could await our child's great progression.

I know that she will have fun with you,
I'm sure you will see she's alright.
Please send her home to me in one beautiful piece,
So I can hug her and kiss her goodnight?!

So I think what I am trying to say,
As I bring this note to the punch ...
Is please take care of our big baby girl,
And enjoy sharing our special Munch!

This was back in 2014, and now both girls are there full time. I still miss her like crazy every day when she is at school. I still have to give her at least 3 kisses at the classroom door (or I don't feel as though I've said goodbye properly!) One day, she won't want to kiss me at the classroom door any more, she won't want me taking her to school at all, so for today, I'm getting all the mummy/daughter classroom PDAs that I can!


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