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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

#Blogtober17 Day 4: Date

We all have Dates ...

Today's prompt for #Blogtober17 is 'Date'. I thought long and hard about the most personal angle I could take, and I decided, what better date to write about than the very one that is looming over me right now. The one date everything is revolving around and that date that we are drawing closer to with each day that passes ... This one is about a date that will change things around here quite a bit.

Throughout our lives we often find,
A number of 'special' days.
Days where memories fill the mind,
As we 'celebrate' in different ways.

Wedding anniversaries, days of birth,
New jobs and a brand new pet.
All have dates that hold much worth,
And in stone, those dates are set.

We're no different - we have date upon date,
Just the same as any other.
Some dates we love and some that we hate,
Especially since becoming a mother.

My purpose here is to speak of one,
A day that I've tried to ignore.
A day that involves our only son,
A mix of emotions leave me feeling unsure.

For eight years I've had a small person here,
At least one, that consumes my whole day.
Each day's routine has been very clear,
Helping 3 little ones along their way.

Munch started school and then Beastie too,
And we miss them so much when they're not home.
But with Plumlet here, each day one thing was true,
That neither of us was ever alone.

But here comes the date that's important today,
The one that keeps me awake in my bed.
The day that urges so many to say,
"He'll be fine - the worry's all in your head!"

I know all that, it's the best thing for Plum,
Of this I am well aware!
And now that day has finally come,
When my time with him now I must share.

It's time to start nursery, (in fact that time has long passed),
And I'm finding things really quite tough.
It's just that they're growing up way too fast,
And the time never seems like enough.

11th October - this is our day,
Another to be etched in my mind.
For this day you take a step to making your way,
With the adventures I'm sure you will find.

First it was your sisters, now you're next in line,
Watching you grow brings us both so much joy.
Enjoy your time at nursery (mummy will be fine ...!)
My last born - my beautiful boy!


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  1. Aww you are so good at poetry lady! This was lovely, everything will work out, you got me to keep you entertained haha xx