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Monday, 2 October 2017

#Blogtober17 Day 2: Babies

So ... when's the next one ...?

"Babies", they say. "Will you have any more?"
And as I get myself prepped to explain,
"Three's an odd number, you must go for four!"
"Forget the practicalities and the pain!"

I love having babies, I can't tell you how much,
The sight of a newborn makes my ovaries jump.
Everything about babies, their smell, their touch,
Then reality hits home with a bump.

There will be no more babies, of this I am sure,
The Man can explain it better than me ...
Without getting sentimental, he'll tell you why,
We will definitely be stopping at three.

But for the now, this is my chance to say,
To put it down here in print,
Why our little family, a five will stay,
The reality version, not the rose tint!

Plumlet was born nearly three years ago,
To say he was a shock would be mild!
We weren't sure of much but hell, did we know,
Our world was about to get wild!

Having our Beastie saw me risking my life
They recommended I made her my last
Medical complications and all sorts of strife
The panic and worry was vast.

"No more babies" we said at that time,
And happy as a family of four,
Next, appointments and visits and yeah ... cut out the wine ...
We were about to grow by one more.

The Man turned white - paler than pale,
The worst of fears haunting his head.
Having recently lived through such a terrifying tale,
And hearing all that the doctors had said.

We didn't know what to do, whether we should,
The panic was setting in fast.
The biggest of fears was whether we could,
Or if all of our luck had long passed.

Our boy came along, and he's surrounded with love,
And now we're a family of five,
Like five perfect fingers on your favourite glove,
Makes me feel so lucky to be alive!

As much as I'd love to go through it once more,
I don't think once more would even be enough.
We were lucky enough to be a healthy family of four,
And one more time may just be too tough.

Just one more pregnancy may just be too much,
It's too big a risk now to take,
The things I could lose are here in my clutch,
And my desires will be halted for their sake.

For the sake of my babies, our family of five,
For the sake of what their tomorrow will be,
For the fact that they need their mummy alive,
They don't need another baby ... 

... They need me!


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  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful post! You're right, they do need you x

  2. What a lovely poem and photos of your babies. Such a great way to tell your style

  3. What a fab poem - I don't know why other people feel the need to comment on our families quite so much! #Blogtober

  4. This is beautiful, and you are so right, take care of what you have. They are adorable #blogtober17

  5. I LOVE THIS!!! You are so clever my friend, so clever indeed!!

  6. I love your post. It hits home. I just had baby #2 and after delivery problems with #1 and how hard pregnancy #2 was, my doctor told me at least 5 years or not at all for the next, unless we can get my health under control. (health complications from c-diff). It is sad, but we are ok if we can't have another.

  7. No more madam !!!
    Lol. I remember the shock for you both when you found out you were pregnant. The actual preganacy would probably do you in and him indoors would die of shock hehe

  8. I absolutely love the way you shared your story. Such a beautiful family, and your three little bubbas are lucky to have you as their mama!

  9. What a beautiful, heartfelt post. You are blessed beyond belief!

  10. I love this - especially the last part - they do need you. Very well said.

  11. wow.. Such A Lovely Poem<3


  12. wow.. Such A Lovely Poem <3 and i really surprised that how people execute reality in such a wonderful and descriptive manner !! Each and every line and word of this poem is true !! WELL DONE <3


  13. What a beautiful post. You are truly blessed with beautiful babies.

  14. What a lovely family and what level (and REAL) words. I couldn't agree more on being happy having a healthy family and your cuties need their Mama! I have twins and I think I won't go for more either as it was quite a thing! Thanks for sharing! <3

  15. This is such a beautiful poem, you have an adorable trio! They do need you, and like you say 5 is the perfect number, like all your finger in a glove.

  16. First - this was amazingly written. I love the flow of your words.
    Second - I respect and understand your decision to make this one your last. Sometimes knowing your body is something only you can do.

  17. SUCH a sweet and thoughtful yet also funny poem, because I can relate! We also have 5, and sometimes thought of trying for another, but I think I had my hands full and had to admit it was all I could handle :)

  18. What a beautiful story! You are very blessed to have 3 beautiful loving children!

  19. Oh my gosh! What did I just read? This is such a cute poem. Did you write this??

  20. I love the cadence of your poetic storytelling. I agree with you that you have a complete family. Three is a perfect triangle and number, and the kids will have all the extra loving from mom and dad. I'm one of five from the same mom and we're doing just fine.

  21. That poem is so beautifully written and it really tugged on my heart strings. Having children is the most beautiful thing and they are the greatest blessing but YOU are a blessing to them and to everyone you know. You need to take care of you so that you can enjoy the life you have given your family.

  22. This is a beautiful post, wrapped up nicely with a c=very cute poem. You shouldn't need to worry about other people's opinions. This is your family, not theirs.