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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Ha Ha Ha Harvester!

From serving ribs ... to tickling them!

As a family of 5, going out for a family meal at a restaurant usually requires some careful consideration and intricate planning. Selecting a family friendly establishment with suitable facilities can be a task in itself. Then, getting all three children out of the door, looking respectable, getting seated happily at the restaurant, getting each child to choose their preferred meal from a menu of (what might as well be) a million possibilities, keeping said children entertained whilst their meals are being prepared (meals that at least one child will change their mind on 5 minutes later), and eating a relatively stress free dinner whilst avoiding the eye contact of any potentially disapproving or disgruntled diners!

It's no wonder our usual restaurant of choice is Harvester!

We've all been in a comparable situation, or witnessed a family in a restaurant facing a similar dilemma.

Harvester have come up with a great idea to distract those restless kids, to encourage those social media addicts to put their phones down and interact with one another and to keep everybody happy at the dinner table.

The popular family restaurant have recruited comedian Rhys James (of Mock the Week fame) to provide its staff with some comedic coaching.

The UK's favourite feel good restaurant hopes to help bring people together over food and drink and add some fun back into to its customers’ dining experiences through the use of some ‘fish & quips’.

A poll of 845 people conducted by the restaurant chain on Twitter revealed that the top dining situations people felt could use some humour are:

Screaming children (34 per cent)
Fellow diners too distracted by phones to have a conversation (26 per cent)
An awkward first date (21 per cent)
Boring dinner with the family (19 per cent)

A video of the ‘RibTickler’ training session sees Rhys James take some Harvester team members through a variety of comedy tactics and conversation starters before putting their new skills to test on unsuspecting diners, as he assists through a hidden camera.

Rhys James said: 

“I once worked in a restaurant and my banter never received the appreciation it deserved, so it was great to live vicariously through the Harvester team. It’s the ideal situation - if they get a laugh, I’m a genius. If they don’t, then it’s all down to their poor delivery! Some of them did really well with their own improvisation, but I’m secretly going to put this down to my excellent training too.”

Hazel Laughey, who has worked at Harvester for 6 years, said: 

“I’ve been part of plenty of training sessions but never one quite like this. We’re trained to create ‘feel good moments’ for guests, but this taught us the value of using comedy to improve our guests’ dining experience, which was the extra cherry on top. Admittedly, I was nervous at first, but once the guests started to laugh, it certainly gave me a buzz!”

Rob Pitcher, Divisional Director at Harvester, commented: 

“Our ethos is based on ‘feel good dining’ and we believe that training our staff in comedy will help bring family and friends closer together. Introducing more humour to the server and guest relationship is something we consider very important. We want guests to know that if they go into a Harvester, they will not only be served delicious food, but they’ll have a brilliant experience too!”

Watch the rib-tickling training session in action: 

I have to say, the reasons we always choose Harvester as our place to go for a family meal (apart from the fact that Beastie would happily spend our entire visit at the salad bar!) are vast and varied, but one of the chief reasons for us is their accommodating attitude towards families and young children. The staff always treat the children as though they are the most important people in the restaurant and no demand is too much work. This makes a huge difference to how well the meal goes and to how happy everyone is when we leave.

So, a family meal, with a delicious, varied menu, warm and welcoming customer service mixed with a team with a great sense of humour is surely the perfect choice for a family of any size and temperament! Check out your local restaurant here

This post has been written in collaboration with Harvester. We were offered a meal voucher in return for the post.


  1. It is now clear why Harvester is a good choice for families. It seems like they have a mix of nice food in their menu, customer service and a kid friendly place!

  2. Nice review! I don't know this restaurnt, but it sounds like a good place to go with the kids.

  3. I am unsure if we have one near us, but I would love to try it!

  4. This sounds like quite the restaurant! I'm not sure if there are any around me but it sounds like a nice place to check out. =0)

  5. I really wish there was a harvester near me! This place seems so cool and hilarious (not to mention great food and "limitless salad" haha) the video is so funny, this entire post made me want to go instantly!

  6. I really wish there was a harvester near me! This place seems so cool and hilarious (not to mention great food and "limitless salad" haha) the video is so funny, this entire post made me want to go instantly!

  7. I really wish there was a harvester near me! This place seems so cool and hilarious (not to mention great food and "limitless salad" haha) the video is so funny, this entire post made me want to go instantly!

  8. I've been to the UK a few times but I've never tried this restaurant before. I'll have to check it out next time we go :)

    Gennifer Rose | www.GenniferRose.com

  9. I think this is a great idea, actually. People want to have a meaningful connection to their servers, and both kids and adults can truly appreciate the joys of laughing through a meal. Any excuse to keep the phones off the table is a good one! Thanks!

  10. Nice review! Always great to find a great place to eat! Will have to check it out!