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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pancake Day is sweeter with Num Noms!

Getting creative with a little scented inspiration!

What's Your Flavour?

It's no secret ... my girls adore Num Noms. They are both steadily acquiring a healthy collection each, which become the focus of their make believe games on a very regular basis! On Boxing Day, 2016, they were delighted to share in the excitement of the launch of the latest Series 3 and had lots of fun exploring the new scents.

I'm sure most of you have heard about Num Noms by now, but for those of you that haven't, they are a very sought after collectable in this house. They're sweet, stackable and scented! With each one having its own scent, they can be stacked together to create inventive new scents, and with hundreds to collect, the possibilities of imagination are endless. I am invited to their restaurant regularly and treated to plated of banana fries and strawberry soup!

So, when we were asked to allow Num Noms to inspire and influence our Pancake Day this year for their 'What's your Flavour?' campaign, the girls were extremely excited and full of ideas whilst I was preparing myself to say goodbye to our usual lemon and syrup toppings and a little apprehensive about what would be suggested by the girls!

This is the second Series 3 Lunchbox that we have had from Num Noms now, and the girls absolutely love them! You get 3 different food categories, with 3 Num Noms in each. In this one, we had fruit/veg, hard candies and donuts! As well as these 9 Nums, there is also a blind pot and 2 eraser Noms. So once Munch and Beastie had explored the box and matched each one up to the list to identify their names, they set to work on deciding which would make good pancake topping combinations, whilst grabbing the rest of their collections too.

Munch decided on a pancake topped with peaches, maple syrup and bananas, so Nana Hearts, Maple Sugars and Peachy Stamp-It made up her creation.

Beastie clearly liked the sound of Munch's idea, so she stacked the same scents, but added Brooklyn Blue (whilst insisting she was a blueberry Num ... she's actually blue raspberry, but these are just mere details!)

One thing I have found as a mum of girls who have Num Noms from all series 1-3 is, the scents seems to be becoming more realistically accurate. Beastie actually cannot stop smelling Maple Sugars saying she smells exactly like maple syrup (she's not wrong either!) And I did have to liberate her from Beastie's coat pocket on the way to school the other day. Apparently, all her friends needed to sniff her!

So, fast forward a few days, and here we are.

It's Pancake Day!!!

So, what are your favourite toppings? We had our pancakes a little early so we could share what we created. I asked the girls to put their shopping lists together with their Num Noms inspired ingredients, and I went out and bought exactly what they asked for!

There was maple syrup too!

We had so much fun creating these Num Nom inspired pancakes, and the girls were really excited to be the brains behind the ingredients! The most fun part of all though was the building of their own pancakes and the eating!

Do let us know what you'll be having on your pancakes today, and will your toppings be creatively inspired like ours were?

Num Noms really got the girls thinking and had them thinking up all sorts of crazy concoctions! I did find myself saying "Hmmm, I'm not sure about hot dogs with marshmallows on a pancake," and, "maybe cotton candy and tomatoes wouldn'[t be such a great idea ...", but I think they got the idea in the end!

We were sent a set of Series 3 Num Noms and a contribution towards ingredients for the purpose of this post. No other payment was received and all thoughts are 100% our own.

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