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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Changes for 2017 ...

Up the Protein ... Up the Fitness

I've heard so many people say recently that; 
2017 will be the year they get fit ... 
2017 will be the year they lose weight ...
2017 will be the year of change ...!

The problem many people face is the very problem I have, and I am determined to beat that this year! As a busy mum of three, I neglect myself, pure and simple. It's not necessary, but I do. I see so many mums at the school who turn up at 3pm having just been to the gym, the salon, the sun bed, and here's me just wishing I could fit a fitness routine into my day!

But why shouldn't I?!
There is always an excuse!

For a start, I need to eat better. There are some days (actually, many days) where I will go the whole day without food. I will spend my day making sure the kids have everything they need, and will often forget that my body has the same needs too! Then, when I do suddenly get hungry, I will grab something quick that will act purely to banish the hungry feeling rather than satisfy my body's need for nutrition. 

This needs to stop!

I need to look after me a little more. After all, my children want me fit and healthy and able to do all the things they want me to join in with as they grow. I want that too.

So some changes will be made, and I have been looking in to where I should start.


Although not essential, some fitness aids can make all the difference when trying to establish a fitness regime that is going to be sustainable. Santa very kindly brought me some roller skates for Christmas and I'm determined not to let them get lost in the back of a cupboard where they will gather dust. Munch also received new skates for Christmas, so some mummy/daughter time getting out and about on our skates could be a lot of fun, as well as being a good workout for me. I'd like to invest in a good exercise bike too, as it will mean I can work out when the kids are in bed and I am unable to leave the house.


There's nothing quite like some lovely new clothes to motivate me, so I know I will need to accessorise my wardrobe with some new fitness gear. Leggings and tops which are suitable for physical exercise, and a good, comfortable pair of running shoes that are suitable for both indoors and out. Right now, I'd either be exercising outdoors at night or slightly well covered as my body confidence right now is lower than low, but if I can stick at this, then maybe ... soon ...


Some people don't need to supplement their diet when wanting to reach a body or fitness goal. Some people get all the goodness they need from their perfectly planned, balanced and nutritious eating regimes. I, however, don't! Supplementing my diet with a little more protein, a little more energy (and not just the kind that comes from several cups of coffee!) all has to be a good thing. And knowing that I can purchase these aids online at discounted prices without having to cut out the things I enjoy, makes the whole concept even more tempting! Take a look at http://www.fitnesscodes.co.uk for yourself. The range at My Protein is huge!

2017 ... some changes will be made!

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