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Monday, 26 December 2016

It's #UnBoxingDay with Num Noms!

"A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise!"

Today is a big day, for today, there is a new section to the menu. Num Noms are now serving Series 3, and, not  wanting to disappoint, the scents are  exciting, unique and, as always, they #smellsodelicious!

Today is #UnBoxingDay!

To mark the launch of the new series 3 of the much loved Num Noms, Beastie was sent a wonderful Lunch Box Deluxe pack from the new range to experience the fresh new scents and the and the new combination possibilities for herself.

The set contains 10 scented Nums, one of which is a mystery item which is not revealed until the blind bag is opened. The Noms come in a variety of scents, and when I say variety, I mean the kind that offers marshmallows, candy and fruit & veggies all in one lunch box! If that is not inviting some pretty imaginative combinations, I don't know what is!

The set also contains a stamp Nom and two mini eraser Noms.

So whilst inspecting the new scents, some interesting flavour combinations were suggested! By stacking the Nums and the Noms in different ways, children can create an endless mix of scent sensations!

We've had carrot and grape smoothies and pea ice cream suggested and created so far!

The pack, as with all Num Nom sets, contains a full menu list, which categorises every Num and Nom available in the series, making it easy for children to identify the proper names of the items in the set. Beastie has decided so far that her favourites are her mystery Num which is Toasty Mallow, CC Candy and the unique Eda Mama which can be made complete by inserting the included Erase-It Noms, Pea and Pod.

The new series bring a host of exciting new characters, complete with new scents and tricks and Beastie is looking forward to adding them to her existing collection to expand the possibilities of her creations! Candy combined with sushi, fried food mixed with ice cream and now veggies stacked with marshmallows ... what delights will your little one be serving up?! Apparently, my menu is now set and I'm in for a culinary masterclass ... with a difference!

Beastie loves everything about Num Noms, from the mystery blind bags and surprise pots, to the exciting Series 1 light up duos which can be combined to create colourful flashing Nums which really bring the collection to life. 

Series 3 consists of 85+ Num Noms, each with its own exclusive scent and appearance. The best thing about this particular set is the box itself is fully recyclable. With its quirky, spoon-shaped handle, the packaging can be used as a carry case for all your child's favourite Num Noms. But don't tell Beastie that this was a design intention ... she thinks she's a genius for suggesting that she can store other Num Noms in the case!

With so many to collect, there are hours of fun inside every pack of Num Noms. With Nums of all colours and scents and Noms with a variety of characteristics, children can stretch their imaginations to the limit. Lip Gloss Noms (now with dual flavour gloss-ups), Stamps, Erasers and motorised GoGos, every pack contains a surprise. And the suspense is always just too much for Beastie, and the first thing she does is attack the plastic on the blind bag to reveal what she was lucky enough to get!

Num Noms are full of fun for the kids. They will create so many imaginative scenarios together, and Num Noms will always play a lead part! They are wonderful to encourage a number of different games from role playing to mathematical problem solving and the girls are always searching for new ideas of how they can incorporate their Num Noms into their playtime!

Series 3 is now available to buy from a number of high street retailers and online, and there are a number of sets on offer. From Starter Sets to Lunch Box packs, Surprise in a Jar to the much loved individual blind bags, there is the ideal treat for every occasion! Keep up with Num Noms on social media to stay informed of new products, events and upcoming launch news as well as competitions and special offers. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For all other information, check out the website.

Happy #UnBoxingDay!

Beastie was sent a set of series 3 Num Noms as well as a selection of items from other series to enjoy for the purpose of writing this post. However, all words and thoughts are our own.

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