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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Disney on Ice at Christmas

When you wish upon a star ...!

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a dose of Disney. That dose can come in a number of forms, from a new Disney toy to enjoying a movie marathon of all your favourite classics with the family. However, this year, we were being treated to an extra special Disney treat.

Disney on Ice presents Frozen has been touring the UK and is in London right now. Munch has wanted to see Disney on Ice for quite some time now, so The Man created some special invitations for them and we presented them to the girls on Christmas Day. 

We couldn't tell them too far in advance - if they had one more thing to count the sleeps for, I thought the excitement might have bee too much! This surprise really did finish off their Christmas Day in the most magical way. They went to bed on Christmas night with little squeals of excitement and with them deep in conversation of anticipation of what they were about to see! As a parent, to listen to this joy was wonderful. They had never been quite this excited about an upcoming day out.

Tuesday, 27th December, 2017: 5.30am ...

"Is it time yet ...?!"

Moods were good, emotion was high, and all the girls wanted to do was get ready. Princess dresses needed to be worn ... but which ones?! A mini fashion show was essential in order to decide on the perfect attire!

 Dress decision made, the girls got ready, still bubbling with hysteria. Munch even let Beastie borrow some of her special Elsa jewellery for the occasion! 

... and helped her fix her hair ...

And we were ready to go.

Disney on Ice: Presents Frozen is only showing for another few days, completing its tour at the London O2 on Friday, 30th December. However, this will most certainly not be the end, as it will continue with Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic in March, 2017. But if you want to experience the story of Elsa and Ana on the ice, you will need to get your tickets quick!

Disney on Ice Frozen is the much loved and award winning tale we all know and adore, but on the ice. A full length show including the quirky one-liners and the famous music all reenacted by a team of the most delightfully talented ice dancers and the most brilliantly skilled technical crew who will make you and your little Disney lovers feel as though they have been transported to the kingdom of Arendelle and are part of the adventure along with their favourite characters. The girls could not wait to take their seats!

Yes, Beastie is shooting her Ice Magic!
The O2 was buzzing with excited children, and although it was extremely busy, it was very well organised. Queues were kept moving by highly informative stewards and security was efficient. There were assistants around at every turn, ready to help with directions and everyone was really friendly and accommodating. 

We found our seats. The girls were thrilled that we were seated right near the ice. We were ready for the show to begin!

The show began with a fun, lively number featuring all of the Disney favourites. Mickey and Minnie, a host of familiar princesses and princes, Nemo and Dory, Buzz and Woody and many more. Each stepped on the ice, stirring more and more excitement in the girls until I thought they might completely burst!!

They started the show with singing and dancing, inviting the audience to join in as much as possible. Despite Beastie feeling slightly overwhelmed as she had just realised just how huge the audience was, she was up on her feet, following the actions and loving every second!

The show is full of wonderful music, captivating special effects and the most mesmerising skating ever. The girls did not take their eyes off of the ice for more than a second and have talked about the show continuously since! The audience was treated to a full length reenactment of the widely adored story of Elsa and her little sister, Ana as they battle life circumstances to overcome Elsa's magical force. And the cast is complete with Sven the reindeer, the Trolls, the lovable snowman, Olaf and, of course, Marshmallow!

And as if the wonderful light show and the incredible skating skills wasn't enough, there is falling snow too just to add to the magical atmosphere!

Every single moment of the performance was simply enchanting. I cannot describe the joy I felt watching the pure amazement and excitement in the girls' faces, hearing them singing along to the soundtrack they know so well at the top of their voices and seeing them turn to me with the biggest smiles on their faces at various points. They were just so happy!

I honestly cannot recommend Disney on Ice enough. It's the perfect show for Disney fans of all ages. I've loved Disney since I was a child, and even now I felt the excitement bubbling when I saw the characters gliding across the ice and felt the prickles on the back of my neck when I heard the familiar voices and music! The skaters possess extraordinary skill and the production team clearly work extremely hard to ensure that every single audience member remains totally captivated throughout the show, and I hope they manage to sit back and smile at their achievement, as in Disney on Ice, they have created pure magic!

Roll on March 2017. We can't wait for another incredible show!

Until next time ...

For full information about all upcoming shows and tours, visit the Disney on Ice website. You can also keep up to date with everything regarding the fantastic shows by following Disney on Ice via their various social media channels:

Thank you for the magic, Disney!

We received tickets to see Disney on Ice: Frozen for the purpose of writing this review. No other payment was received and all thoughts and words are 100% our own.

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