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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Playtime is brighter with Brightlings!

"When Brightlings shine ... you shine!"

As Christmas is fast approaching, parents around the world are preparing themselves for an increase in noise levels as new, toys find their way into toy boxes. New toys often bring new sounds, and Brightlings from Spin Master are no exception to this rule. If you are a parent looking for a peaceful Christmas season, then this may not be the toy for you!

However, if you want a toy that will interact with your child and make them smile with every word they say, then read on!

Beastie was over the moon to receive her pink Brightling, and before she was even out of the box, she was squeezing her hand to activate a selection of her many phrases. Luckily, Brightlings come loaded with the required batteries (3xAAA), so as long as the shop assistants have been able to resist the urge to repeatedly squeeze them in the shop, there should be ample battery power for your child to enjoy their new toy.

She was delighted to see that the face lights up and gives the impression of the mouth moving as she speaks.

With a huge variety of phrases, a record and repeat function and the ability to join in with a singalong, this truly is a dream toy for Beastie. She absolutely loves a toy that she can control and manipulate into doing lots of different things! And Brightlings do so much, and what they do all depends on how they are held.

Designed for children aged 4+, Brightlings are fun, cuddly and lively little companions which are guaranteed to bring a smile and plenty of entertainment to children. They boast that they are able to speak over 100 different phrases, and that doesn't include the endless possibilities your child can create by getting  them to repeat what they say. In addition to their intelligent chatting, Brightlings can also make a number of music genres, all controlled with a gentle squeeze! And the animated mouth makes it look as though the Brightling really is interacting. The look of amazement and joy on Beastie's face as she started to realise the extent of what she could make her Brightling do was a picture!

Brightlings come in three different colours, pink, purple or teal, each sporting a different pattern on their tummies. And with their three different modes, it would be hard to get bored!

Hold the Brightling in different ways whilst in Play Mode and your child will be entertained with all the different things the Brightling has to say. Beastie sits for ages, having conversations with her Brightling, tilting her forwards, back and side to side. 

 In Repeat Mode, your child can enjoy hours of fun recording their own voice, then having their Brightling repeat them, word-for-word, with the simple squeeze of the tummy.

Finally, the third interactive offering from the Brightlings is their Musical Mode. With the ability to choose between pop, opera, jazz, yodel, rock and beat boxing, a round of karaoke is never out of the question! Allow it to sing in the style that you choose, whilst your child controls the speed of the music with a simple tilt of the toy and eventually has a go at creating their own music by moving the Brightling around in a certain manner.

Encouraging the recognition and expression of feelings with phrases like "I'm sleepy", and "I love you", and instigating questioning with "What day is it?", Brightlings will make your child want to communicate and will make it fun and exciting, inspiring children to explore different language uses and to use them in an engaging way. 

With an RRP of £29.99, I am certain that this recent offer from Spin Master Toys will find their way onto a few Santa Lists this year! 

For more information about the wonderful products offered by Spin Master and to keep up with their exciting updates, make sure you follow them on their social media channels:

Beastie thinks that every child should have a Brightling in their lives!

We were sent a Brightling by Spin Master Toys for the purpose of this review. No other form of payment was offered nor received and all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. 

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