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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Making Disney dreams come true ... on the ice!

Skating with Royalty at the Tower of London!

I could certainly think of less attractive locations to spend a Monday evening!

Yesterday evening, Munch and I made a mad dash from school at 3pm and made our way straight to London for a very special evening. Munch was literally bouncing off the carriage walls on the train all the way there, as we were on our way to the Tower of London to their festive, outdoor ice rink.

The rink is absolutely magical, situated within the tower walls with moving projections of huge glowing snowflakes floating around. With the light bouncing off the ice and the mesmerising surroundings of London's famous landmarks, it truly is the most perfect setting for an outdoor ice rink.

But that wasn't all!
We weren't there for any regular skating session.
We were there for the most magical skating session you could imagine!
The kind of stuff a little girl's dreams are made of!

Munch was about to skate alongside and holding hands with the stars of the famous Disney on Ice presents Frozen!

Munch could not get her skates on quick enough! She was so excited and suddenly totally fearless about stepping onto the ice. Our usually nervous, hesitant little girl was about to let go of every inhibition she has ever had and throw herself into this amazing experience with the most carefree attitude. That alone was magical to watch! She hadn't skated for about three years, but when she took the hand of Princess Ariel from the show, none of this mattered!

"Don't leave me, mummy ...!"
"Hold my hand the whole time, mummy ...!"
"You won't let me fall over, will you, mummy ...?"

These were all things she was repeating to me over and over on the way to London. Within minutes of her having those skates on, mummy was left behind, completely redundant for a while and replaced by a real life Disney princess! Mummy was cool with this!

The skating professionals were really wonderful with the children, making sure that each of them received all the help they wanted and that every one of them felt special as they were taken around the rink by the most enchanting characters to ever step foot on the ice.

And let's face it ... what little girl doesn't dream of being spun around on the ice by a Disney Prince ...?!
Watching the stars twirling and leaping across the ice and being given the chance to join them in their grace has made Munch even more excited about the Disney on Ice craze. I don't think she ever really appreciated just how amazing their skills really were ... and this was watching them rule the ice without their costumes on! 

She may have a little way to go before she is on the ice performing with the cast as a Disney Princess herself, but with this determination ... one day ...!

Disney on Ice (Frozen) is about to perform at their latest venue tomorrow (30th November, 2016) which is Liverpool's Echo Arena. From there, the team will move on to Aberdeen and Sheffield before hitting the O2 in London for the Christmas period! Families from all around will flock to these venues to inhale the magic the stars create. 

I remember attending a Disney on Ice show when I was a young child, back when it was known as Walt Disney's World on Ice, and I can promise you, I remember it so well! An experience like this does not fade without leaving some amazing, lasting memories! So to experience the magic for yourself and to treat your children, grandchildren, even yourselves and your grown up children to a piece of the magic, get your tickets soon, because unlike the memories they will create, the tickets won't hang around for long!

For more information and to check ticket availability for your chosen venue, visit the Disney on Ice website.
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We were invited to the skating experience at the Tower of London but were not offered any payment for this post.All words and opinions are 100% our own.

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