My name is Lily-Sue, but my mummy calls me Munchkin (or 'Munch' for short!) I am 8 years old, and this is where my mummy will help me write all about all the fun things we do together. I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of my mummy and me, Munchkin, with the occasional appearance from the siblings - Beastie and Plumlet.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Every day is an adventure with Peeka Puffs!

When you're little, every day holds a big adventure of some sort. From visiting a new location to trying a new food ... from meeting new people to having a new bedtime story that you've never heard before ... from learning a new skill to finding a toy at the bottom of the toybox that you haven't played with for about 3 weeks (that counts as a new toy, right?!)

In recent months, Beastie's life has been full of exciting adventures. She reached the end of her time at her amazing nursery school which she had been attending since she was two years old, she danced the night away at her special nursery prom in which she celebrated her graduation with her closest friends, and possibly most exciting of all, she started her huge new journey to big school. Unlike Munch, Beastie was simply bubbling at the thought of going to school. For months, she had watched her big sister partake in the classroom routine and listened to her as she came home with stories of the new things she had learnt and the fun activities she had joined in with, and she couldn't wait to be a part of that herself. She was very familiar with the classroom setting and with the teachers at the school and seemed very comfortable with the idea of starting on the path of formal education herself.

This excitement was, however, slightly tainted with a sense of nervousness, as whilst she had adapted well to the idea of this big transition, she hadn't quite got her head around leaving one setting for the other, and didn't quite have full understanding of the fact that starting school would mean never attending nursery again. This was a subject that we knew would have to be dealt with in a very gentle and sensitive manner, as nursery had been the norm ... a comfortable safety net if you like.

However, she's not called Beastie for nothing, and she does like to grab the bull by the horns when presented with new opportunities, so we went with her flow and hoped for the best. 

We soon discovered that, one of the ways in which she helped herself adjust was to take something from home with her each day. Thankfully, her new teachers were happy for her to do so as she settled herself into her new surroundings, and they would allow her to talk about what she had brought in and would make that object a feature of the classroom for the day. This seemed to make her forget about what she had left behind and focus on what was ahead of her each day.

So, when we were asked if Beastie had a special adventure on which a new friend could join her, this was obviously a perfect opportunity! During her first half term holiday, a new companion came to stay. A companion that was as thirsty for exciting things as she was, and who wanted to learn about the new things that were happening in her life!

Meet Daisy Puff! 

Daisy Puff (affectionately named so by Beastie) is a Peeka Puff.
Peeka Puffs are a fun, cuddly, fluffy toy from Mookie Toys, and Beastie fell in love with her the moment she set eyes on her! The name 'Peeka' Puff refers to the fact that they can be turned inside out to hide their face, then push on the firm section inside and they pop to reveal their happy, friendly face again! 

Covered in crazy, bright pink hair, which can be groomed with her very own hairbrush and decorated with her pretty little turquoise bow (which attaches gently with Velcro to her soft fur), she came to Beastie ready to join her on the fun adventures that she was desperate to share.

(Passport not included!) 

She spent the rest of her holiday getting well acquainted with Daisy Puff, taking her to bed each night, placing her near the dinner table and involving her in her daily routines. As her two week holiday went on, she told Daisy Puff stories of her classroom, her teachers and her best friends, as she looked forward to introducing her properly to her new classroom and showing her around the things that she has been doing. 

This made her feel very grown up and reinforced to her how special her fresh journey was. After all, someone special wanted to learn all about it ... from her!

So, off she skipped to school on the morning of her first day back, seriously pumped about all the things she had to share!

So she showed Daisy Puff around her new classroom, chatting to her the whole time, making sure she understood exactly what she was being shown!

First Stop: The Home Corner

Next Stop: The Writing Corner

Moving on to: The Reading Corner

Enjoying some fun: The Free Play Area

Number Time: The Maths Table

Teacher Time: The Class Carpet

Beastie had so much fun showing Daisy Puff around her new surroundings, introducing her to her friends and to her new routine. Apparently, Daisy Puff loved it too and wants to go in every day. She is now, allegedly, an honorary member of her class, and, according to Beastie, there is a spare chair for her!

So now, Beastie's new journey is nothing but exciting. Yes, she misses nursery and the people she has left behind, but she is now looking forward to what this new beginning holds for her. There is one thing she is still quite sad about leaving behind, and that's Plumlet. The two of them have grown very close over the past year or so, and starting a new daily routine of being apart is going to be tough at times for the both of them. 

However, something tells me Plumlet will be just fine ...

... as he and Peeka George have their own adventures to have!

We were sent a Peeka Puff for Beastie and Plumlet to help them along in their new life adventures. All words and thoughts are 100% our own.

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