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Sunday, 23 October 2016

For the love of Nursery Rhymes: ChuChu TV

If your children are anything like mine, they'll love a bit of screen time. They each have access to electronic devices and are free to use them whenever they want (within reason!) Because of the freedom we allow them to have when it comes to the use of technology, we find that they have discovered their own sense of moderation and, we believe, they have a healthy balance in their lives when it comes to the leisure activities that they choose.

I think, for the purpose of this post, I will focus on Beastie and Plumlet and their activity and viewing choices. When it comes to wind down time at the end of the day, when they are all ready for bed but not quite ready to retreat to their bedrooms, they will often enjoy sitting together on the sofa, each with their own devices, and engaging in a calm, gentle activity. Beastie and Plumlet often end up cuddled up together, sharing a device, as one will undoubtedly choose to turn to YouTube and select nursery rhymes and popular children's songs. I think this is a lovely choice for pre-bedtime fun. They usually end up singing along whilst they watch the brightly coloured animations on screen.

This is when we discovered ChuChu TV. A while ago, Beastie kept making Plumlet laugh with some unfamiliar songs that she kept singing to him. I have to admit, they were songs I'd never heard either, or were familiar melodies with alternative lyrics. When I asked her where she'd heard the song before, she immediately picked up her tablet and navigated her way to a channel called ChuChu TV. The screen was instantly filled with numerous colourful thumbnails, all of a similar format, and each with many many views!

The channel is full of children's songs and rhymes.
Some familiar ...

... Some new ...

... But all fun, engaging and extremely well animated. One of the great things about ChuChu TV is that there are songs suitable for every occasion, songs that fit every mood. There are songs ideal for calm, wind down time and there are songs for when the children wish to get up and join in with lively actions. In addition to the widely known and loved nursery rhymes, ChuChu TV also create original content and invent their own versions of the familiar content. Everything they do is to ensure the engagement and the enjoyment of children.

Teaching rhythm, melody, coordination, numbers and the alphabet amongst many other skills, ChuChu TV has become quite a favourite in  this house. 

They don't stop at nursery rhymes either. The team have also worked to put together a series of Surprise Egg Toy videos, a fun 3D collection for pre-schoolers and young children, encouraging the recognition of colours, numbers and letters of the alphabet.
The creators of ChuChu TV are a team based in India with a whole host of talent amongst them. Creative artists, educators and marketers to name a few, all working together to build material that children will love and which will assist their academic and physical development. And with over 6 million subscribers from all over the world, a figure which continues to grow daily, it is quite clear that more and more children and their families are discovering the joy of ChuChu TV and recognising its benefits.

A collection of over 90 videos to enjoy, children can find favourites such as Chubby Cheeks, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes and Wheels on the Bus.

So, if you haven't discovered ChuChu TV on YouTube yet, take a look. I can guarantee your child will find something that they love, and there's bound to be favourites that they'll want to replay over and over again!

ChuChuTV can be found via YouTube, and also across social media on FacebookTwitter and Instagram where you can keep up to date with their news and updates.

This is a collaborative post. Thoughts and opinions are my own and the post has been written by me alone.

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