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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Celebrating Halloween with Bing Bunny!

As Halloween approaches, pumpkins are being carved, the spooky costumes and face paints are being dusted down and the buckets of treats are being filled for all the disguised doorstep visitors. However, this year, we have an extra activity to enjoy!

The DVD release of a new selection of Bing episodes!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited Plumlet gets at the very mention of Bing Bunny! Since the very first episode aired in 2014, it has been his most favourite show on CBeebies, and it has since formed an important part of our weekday morning routine! We will take the girls to school, and the first thing he says on our return home is "It's Bing time, mummy!" He'll watch his morning episode, giggling at the antics of Bing, Flop and their friends (usually accompanied by a line up of his cuddly Bing character toys) before going on with his day.

Described by its creators as 'Reality TV for Pre-schoolers', this much loved show celebrates the whirlwind of emotion found in the life of a three year old! The highs, the lows, the laughter, the tears, the excitement,the tantrums ... which can all be experienced within a short, ten minute time frame whilst doing something as simple as building a brick tower or understanding the word 'No'! With Flop, his guardian, always by his side to help him through each dilemma-filled day, pre-schoolers and parents alike can relate to the events in each show as Bing Bunny learns valuable life lessons in a gentle, non-preachy way. Praised for its supportive, positive and non-judgemental approach, the award winning show, now affectionately known as 'microdramas' amongst Team Bing, brings the truth and authenticity of the life of a pre-school youngster to life in a fun, engaging and gentle way!  

So, when we were asked if we would like to create our own little Bing themed Halloween party at home, the idea was met with nothing but approval! The kids love the idea of Halloween, but celebrating the occasion at home and experiencing the excitement beyond the front door are two very different things. The children are all still very young, and the thought of roaming the streets in the dark and having close encounters with elaborately painted witches and werewolves covered head-to-toe in synthetic fur can, in reality, be rather daunting. Whilst the girls do like to venture out, early evening, for a spot of trick or treating within our neighbouring streets, it doesn't normally last too long, and a little party at home appealed to them immensely!

 With a party box full of goodies, we were well and truly ready for a special kind of Halloween!

As well as a copy of Bing's new DVD which was released this week, we have been treated to all sorts to make Halloween more fun than frightening!

There was no trickery involved with this treat!

Carrot cake is most certainly a favourite here, especially with Plumlet. And with some strategically placed themed cake toppers, it is instantly transformed into the perfect Halloween treat! Skeletons, witches, spiders and black cats are suddenly scrumptious rather than scary! 

And placing a couple of novelty straws into a glass of chilled carrot juice is how every Bingster should be celebrating Halloween! According to Beastie and Plumlet, this carrot juice was made by Bing Bunny himself using the infamously hungry Brenda Blender! And two straws means ...

... It's perfect for sharing!

Halloween just wouldn't be complete without some creepy crafting! And these little polystyrene pumpkins got the kids very excited!

All three kids have decorated their own little pumpkin in preparation for the end of the month and have decided  that they will be displayed with their real pumpkin!

They've even given  them names ...

Plumlet's Pump, Munch's Spook and Beastie's Rollo
All this fun whilst Bing's new DVD plays in the background kept the kids happy for quite some time! Show ... and other episodes is the latest in a long line of DVDs that have been released starring Bing, Flop and their quirky friends. Featuring eight episodes of fun, including a few of Plumlet's many favourites, this includes the familiar shows 'Show', 'Not Yours', 'Mine', 'Lunch', 'Woof!', 'Eggy Head', 'Toy Party' and 'Mobile Phone'. 

At this rate, the disc could well be worn out by Halloween! However, our fiendish fun won't be stopping here. We'll be using our pumpkin carving tools to create a very special illuminated pumpkin closer to Halloween itself, and watch  this space to see how we use the other goodies from our Bing Box!

We were sent a selection of Halloween treats and a copy of Bing's new DVD in return for writing this post. All words are our own, and no other payment was offered or received.

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