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Friday, 30 September 2016

Creatively Fruity with Robinson Crusoe

My Fussy Eater

Anyone that knows Munch will know that she is an immensely picky eater. She'll eat fruit ... as long as it's bananas or strawberries. She'll eat meat ... as lolng as it's minced and served with spaghetti. She'll eat vegetables ... as long as they're not, well, vegetables! (in other words, she likes to claim that she eats vegetables, but in reality, she really doesn't!) As parents, we often find ourselves trying to sneak fruit and veggies into her food, but more often than not, we try to make fruit and vegetables more appealing to her. After all, we want her to be aware that she is eating the foods that are good for her. We want her to look at these foods and get excited like her little sister does rather than recoil and immediately decide that she will not like it.

Films like Robinson Crusoe (2016) can really help with such battles. Fruit plays such a major part in the film, and children will watch as the characters, all living together on a small island, satisfy their hunger with delicious fresh fruit that they find around them. We were asked about our fun, fruity ideas for delicious, healthy snacks for children (and grown ups!) which has seen us eating more fruit than usual.

Quite often, when asked what she would like as a snack, or for breakfast, or for dessert, there is not much that appeals to Beastie's tastebuds more than this ...

This was actually her lunch choice the other day! She loves to select 3 or 4 different fruits and ask for a bowl with them all chopped up into a fruity salad. Nothing particularly adventurous here, just apples, bananas and strawberries all sliced up and tossed into a bowl. Easy to make and relatively 'mess free'! However, when she asks for this, so does Plumlet. Also, Munch sees how excited she gets and how much praise she receives for choosing something so healthy, and it has been spurring her on to ask for her own version. Ok, so hers (for now) would be minus the apples, but we're working on that!

Munch, Beastie and Plumlet all love yogurt. however, whilst Beastie and Plumlet are happy to try pretty much any flavours that are placed in front of them, Munch tends to stick to what she knows, preferring to stick with the strawberry or apricot flavours. We tried something different, and served up fruits of the forest yogurt. Initially, Munch turned her nose up at the thought of trying something different, until we served it up like this ...

All it took was a few plates with a selection of fruits and the instruction to "help yourselves" ... and this happened ...

It really was a hit, and second helpings were requested! Again, a simple yet effective way to encourage Munch to eat fruit.

Another favourite fruit, especially with Beastie, is watermelon. She absolutely loves it, and would eat it slice by slice until there was no more!. Munch, however, likes the flavour of watermelon, but is put off by the texture and by the fact that it has pips. Because of this, she refuses to eat it. I thought it was a shame that there was a fruit which Munch enjoyed but rejected due to its texture and appearance, which prompted our next little idea ...

... A recently discovered favourite, the watermelon smoothie! Well, watermelon and strawberry. It is super easy to make and so delicious. The best bit is, Munch can enjoy the flavour and the goodness of watermelon which she loves, without having to worry about disliking the texture! Here's what we use to make it:

3 cups of diced watermelon
2.5 cups of strawberries
1 cup of vanilla greek yogurt
1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Simply place all of your ingredients into a blender and blend until completely smooth. Your smoothie is then ready to pour into glasses (or plastic beakers in our case!)

In the past couple of weeks, we have found that Munch is eating more fruit. Partly because we are being a little more adventurous in how we serve it to her, partly because she is playing a part in choosing the fruits we buy when we are out shopping and partly thanks to her younger siblings and their love of fruit! After all, she wouldn't want to be the one missing out on anything good now, would she ...??

We'll have her scoffing fruit like Robinson Crusoe and his island friends in no time!

Robinson Crusoe is now available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray. So whether you have a fruit picker or a fruit scoffer, this fun filled family film is definitely one for the collection!

We were sent a selection of Robinson Crusoe goodies in return for writing this post.

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