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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Getting creative for an #AquaBeadsParty!

Being approached recently and asked if we would like to be brand influencers for the widely known household name, Aquabeads, made the girls extremely excited. They see the adverts on the television and have always been amazed at the incredible creations that are possible to achieve with the sets that are available. More recently, Beastie has even taken to watching videos on YouTube of individuals showing their artistic talents using the tiny beads to make her favourite characters. It would be true for me to say that, they have both shown a great interest in Aquabeads and have often talked about the creations they would like to attempt to make.

The birth of Aquabeads came about within a Tokyo office one day over 10 years ago. A staff member of EPOCH was eating some boiled sweets, and as she reached into the bag, she pulled out a small bunch of sweets that had managed to stick together and form the shape of a rabbit's ear. In a moment of epiphany, she realised how cool it would be to turn this little mishap into a fun toy. Colourful beads, just like her little boiled sweets, that could fuse together in lovely little pictures.

And so, Aquabeads became real!

The beads bond together using no heat, no bottles of glue, no tricky chemicals ... just water. Simple, regular tap water! And how does this happen ...? One of the ingredients of the beads is PVOH. In Japan, PVOH is used in stamps and glue. When you spray water on the beads this ingredient dissolves and sticks together. How easy and clever is that?! And from that humble office in Tokyo, Aquabeads sets and accessories can now be bought in 35 different countries and regions across the globe!

So, this weekend, we are taking part in the fun and exciting #AquaBeadsParty. We will be exploring the box full of Aquabeads treats that we have been sent as a family and with friends and unleashing our creative sides to see what wonderful things we can make!

From our Beginners Studio to our Mini Play Sets, our magnetic photo frames to our little sample packs, the girls are really very excited about getting their hands on the little bead pen to try out the magic for themselves! Their beads have been sorted into colours and their spray bottles have been filled ... the girls are most certainly ready!

Watch this space for a full review of the Aquabeads products that we have received as well as many many, more photos of both the Aquabeads range and, of course, our little beaded inventions!

If you have some sets at home, why not get creative yourself this weekend and show us what you can make? Just search for #AquaBeadsParty on Instagram and Twitter and come join in the fun!

See our posts this weekend on Instagram and Twitter and let Munch and Beastie know what you think of their artwork! They love to read your comments!

We have been sent some Aquabeads products to allow us to participate in the #AquaBeadsParty to help raise brand awareness and to gather our own opinions on the items. No other form of payment has been offered or received, and all words and opinions will be 100% our own and are not influenced at all.


  1. I love Aquabeads! They are so much fun even for us grown ups! Enjoy your creations!


  2. I love the look of these and the fact that kids can make something without having to use glue, tape etc

  3. Oh Aquabeads are so much fun! Haven't done them in ages, will have to dig them out on rainy day! And how exciting to be a brand influencer!

  4. This looks like loads of fun! I think I would quite like to have a go at this.

  5. These look like loads of fun (and hoovering afterwards!) but still, good proper fun makes a mess, doesn't it. I should get my kids these.

  6. These look fab, especially as there's no messy stuff just water. Although with my little munchkin that could easily end up messy too!

  7. I love doing Aquabeads with the girls, never thought of a party with them how good would that be!