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Friday, 19 August 2016

Cookies and Vaping: It's really a thing!

Everyone loves Cookies!

Ok, so anyone that knows me knows I'm not a smoker myself, but I have many friends and acquaintances that are. My stance is I'm not against smoking, nor do I ever feel the need to think any differently of people that are. As long as it isn't put in the faces of my children, I have no problem with it in the slightest.

Since the change in the law meaning that all public places are now 100% non-smoking areas, smoking has actually become a very anti-social habit. In order to have a cigarette, one must leave a venue to smoke outside or within a designated smoking area, and I am aware that this alone prompted many people to kick the habit. During the Winter and the chillier months of the year, the thought of standing in the cold in order to satisfy that need for nicotine can be a very uninviting concept.

Then there was the birth of the Vape!
A revolution to many smokers and to those that had decided that they wanted to quit. Containing nicotine to stop that withdrawal, the vape allows its user to inhale and exhale water vapour instead of the smoke from a cigarette, making it instantly more socially acceptable to those around them.

Before the Vape hit the market, the only alternative determined quitters had was the likes of gum and patches. These were extremely hit and miss, and I know a few that have succeeded with them as well as many that stumbled and fell at the first hurdle, saying they caused all sorts of unwelcome side effects, or, worse still, failed to work at all. Similarly, the only choice smokers had was to step outside, in all weather conditions, to huddle into a small allocated space for a quick cigarette before re-joining their companions inside.

Some have switched to vaping as an alternative to patches and the like, whilst others have chosen to go with vaping as a substitute to smoking for the social benefits, considering many venues do not enforce a 'no vaping' rule within their premises. There is also the look. With the number of Vapouriser brands that now exist, the vape and its accessories now have a huge variety of appearances, some of which look pretty smart!

From a health point of view, in 2015, Public Health England published an evidence review about e-cigarettes. The main finding of the review is that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than cigarettes and are an effective quitting aid. However, in 2016, it was ruled that each claim of this kind now needs to be regulated on an individual basis to ensure the information is accurate.

In addition to the water vapour used by these vapourisers, a big thing on the market to accompany them are the E-Liquids. Available in what seems like every flavour you could imagine, they make vaping a much more sociable hobby, as users will compare their liquids and discuss which are the best! From donuts to fruits, and from ice cream to cookies ... the list is endless. And yes ... Cookies! There really is an E-Liquid called I Love Cookies - Layered Cookies dipped in Ice Cold Milk with a Hint of Creamy Strawberry and Drizzle of Caramel! How amazing does that actually sound?!

Regardless of all of the news reports out there that try to influence your views about vaping, be it in favour or against, the whole concept is still extremely new. Technology is changing at a rate of knots and medical science seems to differ every day but is doing its best to evaluate the benefits and long-term effects of vaping and, worldwide, governments are struggling to legislate sensibly about this new phenomenon. 

Do you vape? What are your thoughts on this reasonably new craze?

This post has been written in association with VAPELUX London. All words and thoughts are my own.

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  1. I don't smoke or vale, I know it's meant to be healthier for the smoker, however I find when friends use them they let of as much smoke, ok it's not tobacco but it still smells