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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bella Italia, Bella Num Noms ... Bellissimo!

Last week, we were invited to the wonderful Bella Italia restaurant at Intu Lakeside, Thurrock, for a special event. The kids were very excited to be spending some of their day partying with the newest craze, Num Noms!

What do you mean you haven't heard of Num Noms ...?!
Munch and Beastie have shared hours of fun over the past few weeks, watching videos on YouTube and admiring the science behind these exciting new toys!

They're sweet ... they're scented ... they're stackable!

The flavours that are available are vast and varied, making the possibilities endlessly wacky and wonderful!

From ...

... to ...

Add a little bit of innocent, childhood imagination, and the combinations could get quite interesting!

Our day at Bella Italia packed full of Num Noms inspired fun activities has just fed the girls' appetites for these new collectibles and they are even more excited to get their hands on some sets of their own!

The day began with them being able to explore the world of Num Noms for themselves. With a huge floor mat completely covered in the little things, they were able to mix, match and combine to their heart's content. Munch, Beastie and Plumlet sat down for quite some time with B from Blog By Baby, chatting between them about which were their favourites!

Once they had played for a little while, Beastie and Plumlet found the drawing tables. They were covered in 'Design your own Num Nom' colouring pages, coloured pencils and sets of scented Num Nom stickers! The Smalls love a bit of colouring!

Next on their agenda was the Face Painting! Munch opted for an arm painting whilst Beastie decided she wanted a design on her cheek. The artist was ever so good, and gave the children a good selection of Num Nom characters to choose from.

Munch asked for a Cherry Cheesecake painting ...

... whilst Beastie, as always, likes to be different, and she chose to design her own Num Nom! She wanted a Rainbow Num Nom, and so that is what she got! She named it Rainbow Swirl!

From here, they went straight back to the pile of Num Noms for a bit more playing!

Plumlet's favourite to of the day was quite obviously the Lip Gloss Truck Playset. He barely put it down, and I'd like to make a public apology to anyone whose kids failed to get a chance to try out this toy as a result of him claiming it and declaring, very sternly, that it was his! 

Next up was our 'Pizza Making' session. Munch, Beastie and Plumlet all love pizza, and they love making pizzas at home. But this was different. This was making pizzas using Bella Italia's amazing dough and toppings! Each child was served with their pizza base which was sat inside it's individual pizza tin and covered in their classic tomato sauce. The tables were full of bowls of toppings, including cheese, ham, chicken, pepperoni and meatballs, and various vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and black olives.

The kids got stuck right in, making their dream pizzas!
Mind you, Beastie didn't know whether to cover her pizza in the mushrooms or just eat them!

She wasn't so sure about the olives though ...

One thing she was sure about though, was that she wanted to pack that pizza full of all her favourite toppings! Bowls of toppings were excitedly passed around the table from child to child as they were free to make their pizzas look exactly as they wanted. Munch, Beastie and even Plumlet just enjoyed taking control of their own food and I enjoyed standing back and watching them loving every second of it!

And just a few minutes later, their pizzas were being served to their table, freshly cooked and ready to eat!

The wonderful staff at Bella Italia were so friendly and helpful. Anything the children asked for, they delivered, and nothing was too much trouble! More toppings, napkins, and they even brought out a stack of little take-away boxes so any leftovers wouldn't go to waste! They treated the children like little individuals and weren't scared to speak to them directly rather than through the grown-ups! It made them all feel very special and like valued customers.

Last but not least ...


Bella Italia have a special ice cream station and the children are encouraged to visit themselves to choose their flavours. Munch, Beastie and Plumlet all stood at the cart for some time, fascinated by all the colours and flavours that were available. From your favourite classics like chocolate chip, vanilla and strawberry to the more adventurous bubblegum and fruity sorbets, the children were invited to combine whichever flavours they would like ...

"Just like Num Nom ice creams", said Munch!

So, a day spent in a fantastic, child friendly restaurant, playing with Num Noms and taking part in lots of Num Nom themed activities, the kids had the most wonderful time! And, in the coming weeks, we are hoping to continue our exploration of the Num Noms world with a variety of reviews and related posts, so watch this space!

We were VIP guests at the Num Noms inspired event at Bella Italia which has allowed us to write this post. No payment has been offered or received and all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. Great stuff. I looks and sounds great fun!

  2. They look like they had lots of fun. Bella Italia food is delicious and the Num Noms are so cute :-)