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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Through the Secret Fairy Door with Interplay

“She knocked and waited, because when the door was opened from within, it had the potential to lead someplace quite different.”
(Laini Taylor)

In the Munchkin Patch, we are big believers in fairies! Ever since Munch was a toddler, we have told stories of fairies. She suffered quite badly with night terrors when she was much younger, but she found a great deal of comfort in a little story that we made up together about Sleep Fairy. She would visit every night, just as Munch was drifting off to sleep, and sprinkle sleepy dust on her head which would give her sweet, happy dreams. The sleep Fairy would then sprinkle the same dust on Fudgy Bear, and she would give them both a magical kiss on the head which would give them a lovely night's sleep. As soon as we started telling this story to each other each and every night, the scary terrors disappeared! The same story was soon told to Beastie and the girls can often be heard through the monitor at bedtime, making up little additions to their fairy stories, imagining a magical world in which these pretty, little sprites with glittering wings fill everything and everyone with happiness and warmth.

I think these sound like wonderful fairies!

So, when we were asked to review the Secret Fairy Door from Interplay's My Fairy Garden range, I knew that the girls would love it and that it would offer a whole host of opportunities for their creative little imaginations!

The Secret Fairy Door comes packed in an attractive box, allowing you to see the door and fairy clearly. The fairy is well made and perfectly painted, with sparkling, glittery wings. This product is recommended for ages 4+ and typically retails for around £17.99. Also included in the box is:

1 Fairy Door

1 Key & Ribbon Bracelet (plus a spare key)

1 Fairy Figurine

1 Hedgehog Figurine

1 Fairy Mushroom

1 Fairy Tree Wall Sticker

1 Set of Repositionable “Changing Seasons” Wall Stickers

1 Image Of Fairy House Interior

6 Fixing Tabs

1 Set Of Sticky Fixers

12 Page Illustrated Story Book

Want a quick look at what's in the box ...?

The tiny little, ornate key comes on an elasticated bracelet to be worn around the wrist. The fairy has a little hedgehog companion who sits perfectly on the toadstool, and all of the accessories are in precise proportion, making the role play possibilities rather exciting!

So, I waited for a school day when Beastie was also at nursery, and I set to work on putting the contents of this enchanting box together to create something special for the girls!

First of all, there's the tree sticker. this is the wall sticker, and comes in two halves. The two parts are really simple to put together accurately, and it looks lovely placed just above the skirting board.

Next are the little details. In the box are x2 A4 sheets of seasonal stickers. There is half a page dedicated to each season, with the likes of blossom, ladybirds and butterflies for Summer & Spring and snowflakes, acorns and hibernating animals for Autumn & Winter. These stickers are the type that stick to the tree and are easy to remove, reposition, replace and reuse over and over again, so your fairy scene can be relevant to the time of year.

The Fairy House itself has a decorative card that slots into the back of the house with the help of the fixers provided, giving a sneak peek into their fairy's home. Then the sticky patches which are also provided in the box allow the house to be secured to the wall or to the skirting.

Now, every night before the girls go to sleep, we sit and make up a fairy story. Their favourite at the moment is how their fairy goes out at night, paints the sky dark and puts the sun to bed, wakes the moon and sprinkles the stars throughout the night sky. We will take it in turns to add bits to the story, until we get to the same ending every time ... the fairy would then scatter her sleepy dust to give sweet dreams and kiss each of them gently on the head.

The most recent story created by the girls is that their fairy is good friends with Santa Claus and his elves, in particular, Doodle, who is the elf that visits our shelf each December in the lead up to Christmas. I think that this lovely, attractive decoration in their room, which is providing the basis to a whole world of imaginative storytelling may well also double up as a good behaviour incentive, without them even realising! After all, no child wants news getting back to Santa that they've been behaving badly! Munch has also told me that her fairy is actually best friends with the Tooth Fairy, and that next time she loses a tooth, she has to place it carefully at the foot of the fairy tree instead of under her pillow! I suppose this makes it much easier for the fairy to take her tooth and replace it with a shiny coin! Now, as far as the girls are concerned, their fairy stays in her house during the day, doing her housework and watching over their cuddly toys whilst they are out at school and nursery, whilst at night, she flies off to take care of all sorts of important business amongst the stars and the night sky.

This Secret Fairy Door from Interplay is a wonderful addition to any child's bedroom or play area. It encourages them to expand on their imagination and, as I have found, can reduce the fear of bad dreams as a result ... as no fairy is going to allow bad dreams to happen, right?! With a changing scene throughout the year, it looks lovely too and can in turn, help educate your child about the seasonal changes that happen around us.

I can certainly see lots of fun ahead of us with the stories that will be told!

For more information about the Secret Fairy Door and Interplay's other wonderful products, check them out on Social Media. They can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

We were sent a Secret Fairy Door from Interplay for the purpose of this review. No further payment was received for writing this post and all thoughts are 100% our own

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