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Thursday, 30 June 2016

A prestigious gift from the florist to your door

Prestige Flowers
Bringing the beauty of the outdoors to your home.

"Simple, we understand that flowers are an emotional and personal gesture, therefore the importance that the recipient is delighted with their flower arrangement is imperative, and our number one priority."

Nearly two weeks ago, I answered the door to my regular postman. But on this day, he was not handing me leaflets or bills. Instead, he had in his hands a delivery that made me smile.

I had been asked to review a wonderful bouquet from Prestige Flowers. Everyone loves to receive a delivery of flowers, right? Well, this was the first time I had ever agreed to review fresh flowers. In the past, I had always been nervous about reviewing something that could potentially be so 'hit and miss'. A product that could so easily be negatively affected by the elements. Something that Mother Nature could all to easily get her hands on during transit. A fresh product like flowers could essentially prove to be a huge disappointment as a photograph on a website or in a catalogue may not match the reality. But the arrangements on the website were so beautiful, I decided to take what I believed was quite a risk!

Clockwise from top left:
1) Sublime 2) Exquisite 3) Summer Rose & Lily 4) Lagoon Horizon
Prestige Flowers are based in the UK and will deliver their flowers to any address within the UK, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers.

I was a little concerned when the postman handed the box to me, because despite the clear instruction printed on the sides of the box, "THIS WAY UP" written in capital letters, the goods were passed to me on their side. This delivery reached me late lunchtime, and all I could think was whether or not these flowers had spent the entire morning in this sideways position on the back of his van. I was, understandably, nervously hesitant to open the box!

When I did, I was greeted by some of the most beautiful pink roses peering towards the top of the box and some huge, tightly closed lilies. On reaching inside, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the bouquet had come securely held together with twine and wrapped stylishly in paper, and placed neatly in the bottom of the box, wrapped in bubble wrap, was a pretty pink vase. I love when flowers come with their own vase!

The arrangement I was sent was their Paris bouquet. The bunch by Haute Florist consists of Memory Lane roses, deep water roses oriental lilies, astrantia and forest fresh eucalyptus, all hand tied to create a beautiful gift for any occasion.

At first sight, I noticed that a couple of the roses were looking a little dry around the edges. But do you know what? If I had spent the night in a Royal Mail sorting office and half a day in the back of a postal van, I think I'd look a little dry around the edges too! Give me a glass of water and a spruce up and I'd be fine, which was exactly the same with these flowers! Following the Care Guide that was included in the box, I trimmed the stems, mixed the flower food with water and arranged the flowers in the vase whilst removing and leaves that sat below the water level, and within the hour, they all looked much healthier. The dry edges had improved and the couple of stems of foliage that were drooping slightly were standing tall again.

Once our flowers had been in their vase for a few hours, it was difficult not to notice the scent that filled the room. it was truly wonderful. The children noticed it too, and even Plumlet was asking to smell the flowers ... every five minutes! All three children were especially interested in  the lilies, which at this point were all tightly closed. They were excited to know what they would look like when they opened, and instead of opening an electronic device and performing a Google search for oriental lilies, which would be my usual reaction, I decided to keep their curious minds racing by telling them that they would have to wait and see!

On the morning of day 2, I had the most welcome greeting of our first lily starting to open. The roses were all looking really healthy and full of life, and the room was starting to fill with the fragrant scent of fresh flowers!

By the afternoon of day 2, our first lily was looking even more full of life, and the scent was growing more powerful by the hour!

This was one of the roses that, on delivery, was looking rather thirsty. It was dry around the edges and I was concerned that the head was looking slightly heavy for its weakening stem. However, as you can see here, a little TLC, and it is looking pretty perfect by lunchtime on day 2! This made me very happy, as the colour gradient on these petals was so striking, and it had returned to its original glory, standing tall as one of the most dazzling and eye-catching flowers in the bunch!

By the end of the day, Munch was asking me to lift the vase down so that she could have a closer look!

Another day, another lily! By the morning of the third day, the whole room was filled with the fragrance of our fresh flowers!

On the morning of Day 3, I changed the water in the vase. This was the plan anyway, but when I went to empty the existing water, I realised the level had reduced to less than 25% of what it was on Day 1. These were clearly a thirsty bunch!

I think, from here on in, I shall let the photographs do the talking for me, as I feel they are the best way for me to show just how beautiful and lasting these flowers have been!

On Day 7, I decided to take our flowers outside for some photos in the natural daylight. Plumlet decided he wanted to get involved!

As you can see from the photos, after 7 days of me receiving this stunning bouquet from Prestige Flowers (so that would be 8 days since the flowers were arranged, wrapped, boxed and dispatched), each bloom was looking as healthy as they would before they were removed from nature! By day 7, we still had one lily that hadn't yet opened, but I was confident that it would judging by its strong stem and by the way it was still standing so tall and proud amongst the bunch.

And just as I had predicted, on Day 9 ... our final lily had opened! 

And it didn't stop at day 9 either!

These flowers continued to look as healthy as ever until the first roses started to dry slightly on day 13! That is a whole two weeks after the flowers would have been prepared for delivery! As far as general care was concerned, I changed the water every 2 days, and topped it up in between if and when necessary. On days 3, 6, 9 and 12, I trimmed the ends of the stems to allow each flower to take in water efficiently. I also made sure that any drying greenery amongst the arrangement were removed, and made sure that the flowers were not sitting in direct sunlight.

I'd say that was quite an easy job to keep such a stunning focal point of the room looking so striking for so long!

These last photos were taken at day 17 (so again, that is 18 days from the flowers being boxed and sent) when we had our final few flowers remaining.

So, if you are looking for a flower delivery service with a friendly, helpful approach and a high quality, product, I believe Prestige Flowers will give you exactly what you are looking for. The company representative I dealt with was nothing but pleasant and the company has managed to diminish the apprehension I felt when it came to conducting a review for fresh flowers. Even with some not so gentle treatment during transit, with a small amount of care and attention, I was able to provide a home for the most beautiful looking and amazingly scented floral arrangement!

Thank you Prestige Flowers!

Disclaimer: We were sent a complimentary flower arrangement for the purpose of this review. All thoughts expressed in this piece are 100% our own and have not been influenced in any way. No additional form of payment was offered or received.

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