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Friday, 8 April 2016

Protecting the Herd! A Disney Zootropolis Review

"Life's a little bit messy. We all make mistakes.
No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you!"
Officer Judy Hopps

Last month saw the UK release of Disney's latest creation, Zootropolis, and to celebrate this, we were sent some wonderful official merchandise, as well as tickets to go and see the film ourselves.

These are just a few of the lovely products The Disney Store has to offer at the moment, and these 3 little people were thrilled to receive them! Munch pulled the box open and, very generously, shared the contents out with her siblings!

One of the Zootropolis t-shirt designs for kids available at The Disney Store
The range of kids t-shirts available are lovely, and come with a variety of characters and slogans related to the film. Munch couldn't wait to wear hers for our cinema trip!

Plumlet is totally in love with his new Officer Judy Hopps Character Backpack. Ok, so it's nearly as big as him, but it's lightweight, and as the interior space is the size of Judy's head, it is the perfect size for Plumlet's comforter and a few of his toy cars!

Munch is having hour upon hour of fun with this Zootropolis sticky notes and pen set. With a bunch of sticky notes decorated with a number of characters from the film as well as a variety of quirky slogans, I am currently finding notes stuck to everything, from "Love you, mummy" notes on my laptop, to "Light the room" notes on the lamp! 

Beastie is the lucky one to get her hands on this fun Zootropolis carrot recorder pen. Just another of the fantastic Disney Store official products! With a button to press to hear lots of phrases in the voice of Officer Judy Hopps, it also has a 'record' button for her to document all of her secrets (aka: funny, crazy noises) and a playback button for us all to hear her efforts! The carrot pen is a working pen too!

Finally, we have this amazingly quirky Judy Hopps clip case with wrist strap for an iPhone 6. Made of a soft-to-the-touch, flexible material, this is a seriously cool looking case!

After the excitement of this lovely delivery, the day came for our cinema trip. It's been a while since we last went to the cinema, so Munch was extremely excited, watching trailer after trailer on YouTube and learning all of the characters' names in eager anticipation!

All ready for the cinema!
Munch decided to take one of her best friends with her for the day, and we made our way to our local Vue.

The film is truly fantastic! It is 108 minutes of emotion, humour and typical Disney fabulousness!!

Judy Hopps, our heroine, moves to the city of Zootopia as she grows up, after training as a Bunny Police Officer, against the advice of her doubting, yet supportive parents. Zootopia is the home of a whole host of creatures, from predators to prey, who all live in their own kind of harmony. When Judy Hopps has an encounter with a fox (Nick Wilde) who is on the run for a crime he didn't commit, they strike an unexpected friendship whilst embarking on a mission together to solve one of the biggest criminal mysteries the city has ever known. During their mission, it becomes apparent that the most unlikely partnerships can develop into the most productive and wonderful friendships!

The film is both heartwarming and hilarious, in true Disney style, and the girls went through every emotion, from fits of giggles, to shielding their eyes, and back to fits of giggles!

Munch and her bestie had so much fun! They were insisting on posing for a photo at every possible opportuity, and used the excuse that they were having such a brilliant day, they never want to forget it!

Posing with Pandas!
Kung-Fu Kicks!

It really was a day full of fun and laughter, and is definitely one the girls will remember for some time. And when I asked them if they think Zootropolis is a film they would tell others to go and see, their answer was a resounding "YES!!!!!"

Disclaimer: We were sent the box of Zootropolis goodies you see above and tickets to see the film for the purpose of gaining our opinions. However, our thoughts were not influenced by anyone, in any way, and all views you read above are 100% our own. No other payment was offered or received for the writing of this review.

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