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Monday, 28 March 2016

Crafting with Born to be Wild and Bloomsbury Books

Our Jam Jar Lantern

Last week, we wrote about our wonderful day out at the RSPB Rainham Marshes with Hattie Garlick and her brilliant new book, Born to be Wild

When we looked through the book, Munch and Beastie couldn't wait to try out some of the fantastic ideas, so we started collecting suitable materials straight away. One of their favourite activities that they selected was the Jam Jar Lantern. The instructions were simple, but combine these with the ideas that they had themselves, I knew that they could (and would) create something really pretty, and that they would have great fun doing it. So we decided to give it a go!

So, we gathered our materials ... and our book ...

We also went to the garden and collected a couple of flowers with small petals, and I let the girls decide how they would like to decorate their jar.

Here is what they did ...

The book suggests placing a tea light candle inside the finished jar. However, the girls wanted to fill the jar with colourful paper, so we thought we would substitute the candle with some fairy lights. We thought we could still create a pretty effect, but without the inevitable danger presented by combining paper and a flame!

The bird design on the front was all Munch's idea. Using real pink petals, we gave the bird some 'feathers', and glued tiny white petals around the top of the jar. The rest of the bird was made using foam shapes, 'googly' eyes, fluffy pom-poms and glitter. 

Munch even decided to give her bird a tail, which she stuck to the back of the jar!

Using a pipe cleaner, we added a few charms which the girls chose. A tree and a butterfly as they are nature charms and a hand for their handmade creation!

The girls then dropped some tiny artificial roses into the bottom of the jar, before filling it with colourful paper streamers (or 'confetti' as they insisted on calling it) and the battery powered fairy lights.

It was then the moment of truth, and Munch switched the lights on to see their artwork in full glory!

The girls are really happy with their Jam Jar Lantern, and it now has pride of place on the shelf!

Disclaimer: We wrote this post to support our entry into a competition with Bloomsbury Books, publisher of Hattie Garlick's Born to be Wild. No payment has been offered or received for the purpose of this post.

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