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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Watching Wildlife with Wilko!

Becoming Bird Bloggers!

Recently, we wrote about Munch's new found love for bird watching. At 6 years old, she is now well aware of the differences in the seasons and the changes we should expect to see throughout the year. Last year, she really enjoyed watching the birds in her nanna & grandad's garden as they flew from feeder to floor, pecking away at a variety of seeds and nuts.

So you can imagine her excitement when we were contacted by Wilko and asked to try out this little lot ...

Being a typical British February, we have had some pretty fierce weather, which caused some delays in us putting everything in place in the garden. However, as soon as we were offered some milder conditions, we were straight out there, ready to turn our garden into a little haven for our local birds!

We have never owned a nesting box! In fact, until recently, we didn't have a garden suitable for feathered visitors, so now having both the garden and the equipment to make it a welcoming and comfortable place for the birds to go, we intend to make the most of it!

Munch was extremely excited at the thought of having a little house in which the birds can build their nests whilst keeping themselves sheltered from the elements and hidden from predators, and thrilled at the idea that these little nests could eventually provide protection for eggs and baby birds. However, she was a little confused when she couldn't find a way of opening it! A little gentle explaining and she understood.

The nesting box is a very reasonable £5.00 and comes fully assembled, complete with a fixture on the back so that it can be mounted on a fence. And this is exactly what we did. We picked a spot on the fence and attached the box at a safe height. The opening on the front is small - I'd say the ideal size for blue tits. So we are looking forward to possibly providing a little place for baby blue tits to be nurtured until they are strong enough to leave the nest independently.

Next, we turned our attention to the cage seed feeder. This is a lovely size feeder for just £6.00, with a hinged opening at the top and a large handle. To fill the feeder with seed, you just unclip the catch at the top which gives easy access to the plastic central chamber. Munch hastily armed herself with a spoon and started filling the enclosure!

We used Wilko's 'Wildly Tasty' seed mix, which is a varied mixture of different shaped and sized seeds, and costs just £1.50 for 2kg of feed!

Birds seem to be very fond of perching on our fence, so we wanted to position the feeder close to this area, firstly to maximise the chances of it being detected by the small birds and secondly because it is obviously a part of the garden in which they feel safe and free from threat. We actually bought a hanging basket bracket which we secured to the fence, allowing us to hang the feeder close to their familiar 'perching spot'.

Again, the feeder is designed for smaller birds, much to the disappointment of our 'resident' pigeon (whom Munch has affectionately named 'Big Bob'!) He can now often be found circling the grassy area beneath the hanging feeder, snatching any falling seeds that are dropped by the hungry smaller birds. Munch is very pleased that he is not going without!

Finally, we set to building the wooden bird table. This came packaged in several pieces, complete with all fixtures and instruction sheet.

With the use of a small electric screwdriver, the bird table was fully intact within 10 minutes. A couple of the edges were a little roughly cut, but once together, it is sturdy and looks lovely on the lawn! A sprinkling of seed on the table is sure to bring the small wild birds to the yard!

Munch even cleared a little space in the centre of the seed pile so that the birds have somewhere to sit!

Then, all that was left to do was to wait ...!

Now, our new equipment has been in our garden for a little over a week and we are already seeing some keen returning visitors! Over the coming weeks, we are looking forward to following this post with an update, once we have managed to practice our stealth mode to enable us to catch some lovely photos of our new feathered family!

What is it they say ...? 
"If you build it, they will come ..."

Well, we 'built' it ...

DISCLOSURE: We were sent the items you see above by Wilko for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts are 100% our own and have not been influenced in any way. No other payment has been accepted for writing this review.

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