My name is Lily-Sue, but my mummy calls me Munchkin (or 'Munch' for short!) I am 8 years old, and this is where my mummy will help me write all about all the fun things we do together. I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of my mummy and me, Munchkin, with the occasional appearance from the siblings - Beastie and Plumlet.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Our new Garden Friends!

 Thank you Wilko

Last week, we wrote about our new little project with Wilko which saw us setting up our garden to encourage some wild bird activity. As a nice change, this weekend brought some brighter, milder weather, which meant both me and The Man had our cameras conveniently positioned in a spot which enabled us to catch some photos of our visitors.

Here is what went on in the garden of the Munchkin patch during the last few days ...

Watching the world go by

We've had solo feeders ...

... and those that call for company!

We've had busy mealtimes ...

... and also dining for two!

We've had some territorial moments ...

... and moments of admitting defeat!
We've had 'supervised' snack time ...

... and, of course, Big Bob 'clearing up' after the messy feeders!

We've had civilised feeding at the table ...

... and lots of hanging around and feeding on-the-go!

We've witnessed intimate, private moments ...

... and some friendly 'feather fixing'!
We've watched as the birds have gathered materials that could be perfect for a nest ...
... and as larger birds discover they're a little on the chunky side for some spaces ...

... no matter how hard they try!

At times, it was like they knew we were watching ...

... other times they had no idea!

Sometimes, they've fed and are gone again with a blink of an eye ...

... whilst at other times, they stop for some puddle splashing in the sun!

Munch has had so much fun watching the wild birds enjoying our new feeder and table, and is really excited, waiting for the day that our nesting box is discovered and used too!

Thank you, Wilko!
From Munch, Big Bob and all our new feathered friends ... present and future!

Disclaimer: We have chosen to write this post as a follow up to our review of the Wilko products we received. No payment was offered for this post, nor further products received. All photographs and wording are our own and have not been influenced in any way.


  1. Awesome pictures.
    I bet the kids are loving watching the birds.

    1. Thank you! They're loving it. As are the birds ... they're hungry little beggars too! We seem to have a constant 'rotation' of little ones at the feeders at the moment (and Big Bob is still circling!)