My name is Lily-Sue, but my mummy calls me Munchkin (or 'Munch' for short!) I am 8 years old, and this is where my mummy will help me write all about all the fun things we do together. I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of my mummy and me, Munchkin, with the occasional appearance from the siblings - Beastie and Plumlet.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Making a comeback with a special project!


Just in case anyone missed us, we have, as a family, had to take some time away from the blog. With lots of things going on, it wasn't the right time to blog. We've had a tough year here in the Patch, and whilst some choose to take to their blog space in troubled times, seeking support and an 'outlet' for their worries, we decided this wasn't the right choice for us. 

For us, The Munchkin Patch is a happy place. One where we write about our exciting finds and our fun projects, and we wanted to keep it this way. The negativity that has filled my mind for the past year didn't need documenting, and isn't something I wish to read about in years to come to 'remember'. The events will not be forgotten, so a reminder will never be necessary!

However, life is better. Things are improving, and we're filling our time with more positivity to turn any bad feeling on its head. Within this, I made the decision just before Christmas that I would like us to bring our little blog space back to life. Munch and I have missed writing here, and as it was always a happy part of our lives, what better idea than to spend our time here again ...?!

So, here we are!

We feel incredibly lucky to be returning with a really fun project. Since last Summer, Munch has shown a passionate interest in birds and their garden behaviour. Time spent in the garden at nana and grandad's house was very happy time in the sunshine. They have a number of feeders and platforms for the birds in their garden, and therefore, there was always a lot of activity amongst the birds, and Munch was regularly collaring one or other of my parents, quizzing them on the names of the different birds she could see. Before long, on every visit, she was pestering to be lifted up so she could fill the feeders with seed herself. Those birds never went hungry when she was around!

Fast forward to Christmas 2015, and my mum and dad suggested buying her a bird feeder of her own for the garden. I couldn't think of a better idea, and she was absolutely thrilled with it! Accompanying her present was an informative book with the different bird sounds which has been read cover to cover several times and plenty of food for her feeder. Needless to say, her interest has grown even more and she is extremely excited for the arrival of the upcoming Spring when activity in our garden will increase.

Thanks to Wilko, our garden will (hopefully) be even more lively from now on.

We are bringing the Munchkin Patch back as Wilko Bird Bloggers!

With a lovely selection of products sent to us by Wilko, we are hoping to attract some wonderful wild birds to our garden. With a wooden bird table and a nesting box, a cage bird feeder and a large bag of seed, we are looking forward to the coming weekend when we can get our new products set up and start watching the feathered friends come for a bite to eat!

Watch this space for more information on the products and photos of our little project with Wilko!

In the meantime, why not follow Wilko on Facebook and/or Twitter to keep up with how they recommend we take care of our birds.


  1. That looks like it will be so much fun Munch.

    What a fun Spring and summer you will have, we can't wait to read.

    Emmy says I miss you xx
    Welcome back

    1. Aww, thank you! It has been lots of fun! Munch misses Emmy too xx

  2. aaa this looks like so much fun, glad to have you back in the blogosphere :)

  3. Replies
    1. She's having lots of fun with it! Thanks lovely :)

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