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Friday, 6 February 2015

Picture Perfect with Panasonic

We like taking photographs here in The Patch ...

I love to capture moments during the day whenever I can. Therefore, the majority of my offerings are pictures of the children. Whether they're playing or eating, being cute or just plain cheeky, even when they are sleeping ... I just love to record every moment that I possibly can. After all, one day, they won't be babies any more. One day, they will grimace or shy away from the camera lens that is pointing in their direction. One day, instead of cheesy grins and enthusiastic cries of "Cheese!", I am more likely to hear "NO mum! My hair is a mess!" So, I am determined that, before that day comes, I will seize every precious second that I possibly can with a camera (well, usually my iPad, but it does the job!)

Ok, so they're not of a high, professional standard, but they're mine and they hold memories that will never be replaced.

When I need high quality and professional standard, there are two men in my life that I have always turned to. My dad, who has been a professional photographer for the whole of my life, and The Man who has, over the years, taken his own love for photography and developed it to create beautiful art. Both offer some of the most breathtaking images that I have ever seen!

I have been truly inspired over the years to pick up a camera more often. Between seeing these beautiful shots and having 3 amazingly photogenic subjects in our babies, I have found myself taking more photographs and taking a deeper interest in the features offered by better cameras on the market. My phone, my iPad, my point-and-click ... they all get used and they all have their uses. They're always to hand, they're basic and they capture the moment within seconds. However, these basic devices take basic photographs. I want to be able to control certain things when I am taking photos. I have been talking to The Man about it and he has said that he will teach me some of the things I need to know in order to improve the quality of my shots. I am really looking forward to learning!

Now begins the task of deciding which camera to get. There are so many available. And so many brands too. Brands that have been around for several years, others that have entered the market more recently with some spectacular features. One of the bigger electronic brands that I have grown up with and which remains a popular household name now as it was then, is Panasonic. I remember there were a few Panasonic appliances in our family home when I was a child, and I remember being told that it was a brand that was "built to last". I've grown up witnessing this for myself! 

It seems they have gone and got things just right, once again, with their new offering ...

The Panasonic Lumix CM1:
The premium compact camera with smartphone technology.

Just take a look for yourself. With its sleek, classic but contemporary design and list of modern features, it just goes to prove that Panasonic still has what it takes to create a fantastic product with a wide appeal! Definitely on my list now!

Published in conjunction with Panasonic. All words are my own.