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Friday, 30 January 2015

Fancy a Snuggle, Valentine?

So, Valentine's Day ...
A special day for snuggling, or a day like any other?

As the years have passed, I have found that I celebrate this 'day for lovers' less and less each year. It seems to merge into insignificance as day-to-day life (ie. children!) takes over. However, as a mum to two girls, one of whom has started full time education, I am well aware that I need to prepare myself. I will need to share my daughters' love for Valentine's Day every year and share their woes when they fail to receive the cards and gifts they had expected. Oh yes, I know full well that I will be reliving my years of childhood romance, teenage dilemmas and heartache through the girls in years to come! 

As you can imagine, The Man can't wait!

Whether you are a lover or a hater of the famous 14th February, Fancy a Snuggle has some lovely little gifts that fit the theme perfectly!

5 Valentine’s Day Phone Cases Which Will Spark Romance This 

Love is in the air again as Valentine’s Day approaches and at Fancy a Snuggle, there are an array of fantastic phone cases which are sure to set hearts aflutter. These cases not only look great and feel smooth in your hand, they also take care of your precious phone and suit an array of different phone models. 

Each case is precision-engineered from hard plastic to ensure a snug fit and can be customised to suit the needs and tastes of your recipient. So take a look at these Valentine’s themed designs and maybe you’ll find the perfect surprise for your loved one this year.

Red, yellow and orange heart-shaped sweets

This colourful collage of love-heart shaped sweets not only looks great but would definitely appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. Not only is the colour scheme great but this case will suit any mobile phone brand or model. So why not share the love this Valentine’s Day with this beautifully designed case.

Heart Illustration

One of the more stylish Valentine’s cases on offer, this sketch of cupid’s arrow 
penetrating a heart is the classic image of desire. The artwork’s black and white 
minimalist approach looks fashionable and will suit anyone who prefers simple, 
expressive designs. The case can be tailored to fit any brand or model.

Single Red Rose

Valentine’s Day always seems to be a time for red roses but flowers eventually die and fade away. This single red rose won’t fade and will be a permanent reminder of your love. It’s a beautiful lasting image and one that the one your Valentine will always remember. It will protect their phone and affirm your feelings, and really encapsulates a traditionalists approach to Valentine’s gift giving. If any phone case epitomizes what Valentine’s Day means, then this surely must rate at the top.

The Neon Heart

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one? Why not light up their day with this vivid neon heart phone case design. With its stylish mix of dark blue, bold red and luminous white, the case’s colour scheme is tasteful and elegant and brings together an alternative modern look to the traditional Valentine’s Day image and style. A sophisticated case for anyone who enjoys simple modern design.

Heart-shaped Lollipops

For a case which will suit your female love interest, look no further. This pink case, covered in heart-shaped lollipops, could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the lady in your life and will certainly let her know how you feel. A must have case for anyone who loves pink.

So, whether you want to treat the special person in your life to a pretty, eye-catching Valentine's gift, or you feel like treating yourself and cutting out the middle man, Fancy a Snuggle has a fantastic, wide range of cases for you to choose from!

Take a look and see what you think.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day ...

... Or not!!