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Friday, 22 August 2014

Wishes for a Wedding Wonderland!

December 2015.

The month it will all happen!

Those little girl dreams of big, bouncy dresses and cakes that defy gravity, those teenage dreams of meeting the man of my dreams and running off into the sunset in a fairytale fashion, and those grown up dreams of finally marrying the wonderful man in my life who has become my soul mate and father to our three beautiful children ... this is where our Happy Ever After actually happens!

So with just one year ahead of me to arrange our magical day, the planning is now beginning. And what better way to kick-start the whats, wheres, hows and whos than at The Excel Wedding Fair?!

This will be my first ever wedding show, so I am going in with completely fresh eyes, a very vacant wedding plan and a head filled with a tangle of things I would love to have for my special day. I suppose this is my first step to ironing out those tangles a little!

I thought, whilst scrolling through the wonderfully varied exhibitors list, that I would put together a kind of wish list to start my inspiration for next month when I attend the show. The list of exhibitors is huge, and there are so many companies that I am looking forward to chatting with. So I thought about the different things I am looking forward to planning, from the invitations to the honeymoon, and found that there is sure to be a company there for every one of my wedding wishes!

So, to begin with, I am looking for inspiration for my wedding stationary. From Save the Dates and invitations, to table place cards. Having finally decided on my wedding colours, at least I have a starting point, and know where to begin looking!

Lilies and roses, and the colour purple will all have a very big part in my wedding, and I would like their influence to show right from the start. I am looking forward to meeting the team from Blueberry Chain Invitation by Design. I love the beauty in the simplicity of their designs, and hoping we can talk about ways in which I can get my invitations looking perfect. The quirkily named Chips and Salsa Designs also look wonderful, with their expert calligraphy services and special bespoke touches. I'm very excited about getting a design together now!

Next. I suppose there are venue decisions to make. I know we are looking at a non-religious ceremony, but my ideas stop there really! I've looked at some stunning venues with some very inviting offers. But then I get to the point where I am spoilt for choice! All boast some of the most picturesque gardens and grounds and offer special ceremony rooms. But I am looking forward to hearing how a venue can be made extra special and personalised just for me and my little family!

I've never really considered a yacht or a beach wedding. Well, I have, but was always too concerned about the logistics of the whole thing, and it is very important to me to have certain family members there with me on our big day, and I think a less traditional option like this may result in having to sacrifice these wishes. I would still be interested in seeing what they have to offer against the more traditional venues, so I will be sure to have a chat with Exclusive Yacht Weddings whilst I am at the show.

Next on my agenda is something that I may well spend the best part of the next 12 months deciding on! My dress!

I love beautiful dresses, I just don't like the way they look on me! I know I want something unique and pretty, but something that won't make my short 4'10" frame look like a meringue or like something that should be covering a toilet roll in a 1960s bathroom! I am really excited about meeting some of the dress companies that are attending the show and cant wait to watch the fashion shows. I've had a look at the websites of the dress exhibitors and have seen some stunning creations! I know I will be spending a great deal of my time at the show browsing the pretty threads that the many companies have to offer, and after flicking through the websites, I will be making a special effort to find Great Expectations and The Bespoke Wardrobe as both had dresses that really stood out to me!

One of the biggest decisions an engaged couple make about their wedding day, I believe, is that concerning their wedding photographer. This is the person responsible for recording every special moment of your day from beginning to end, for being there to capture all the little details that you might miss and to create visual memories that will last forever. So this is one decision that has to be perfect. A slightly ill fitting dress, flowers that weren't what you ordered or a wedding car that turns up late are all issues that can be masked or dealt with. A less than wonderful photographer, however, is a problem that will stay with you for a lifetime! I will also be under some pressure when it comes to choosing a photographer, with both my dad and my groom-to-be being amazing photographers, my decision needs to be one that gives them both a reason to leave their cameras at home! I know I want a photographer who can be with me all the way through the day, from me getting ready to the evening reception, and one that also offers video for certain parts of the day. 

Again, browsing through the websites of the many photographers that are due to attend the Wedding Show in London, I found some truly amazing work and spent a very long time losing myself in their wonderful portfolios. I would love a photographer who can capture my special day in a traditional way, with a touch of contemporary and a great deal of unique. This day isn't just about me and The Man. This day is about our little family, and many of these artists have shown that they can capture every little moment for all 5 of us! From natural, in the moment snaps to fully posed group portraits, I see things in Emma Jane PhotographyE-Motion Images and Spencer Frederick Photography that I really like!

Finally, for now I have always dreamed of going on a paradise honeymoon. Ok, so realistically, with 3 young children, this will probably remain a dream. But this is my wedding, and dream I will!! I an picture somewhere warm, but not too hot, somewhere peaceful and picturesque with long white beaches and crystal blue sea that twinkles in the sun. This could apply to a number of destinations around the world, many of which I am sure I will see exhibited at the show by one of the many companies that offer some wonderful packages for newlyweds! From pretty UK destinations to luxury stays in the Caribbean sun, I'm looking forward to exploring my options! And with companies such as Tropial Sky,  Travel Designers and  Antigua and Barbuda ready to flaunt their offerings, I know I'm bound to come away with even bigger, wilder dreams than I have now! 

Well, there we have it. A very brief Wish List of what and who I am looking forward to seeing next month at the Wedding Show at the Excel, London. I like to think this is a good start, anyway. 

A year to cover everything ...?

No problem!!

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