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Monday, 14 July 2014

Beautiful Bedrooms with Lulu and Nat! *Review*

Have you ever come across the lovely Lulu and Nat before?

A few months ago, I discovered them for the first time (and blogged about it!) when I was searching around for inspiration and ideas for bedroom themes for when we move. I fell in love with their vibrant designs and creative use of colour and patterns. The collections that are offered enable you to match and co-ordinate until you create the perfect look for your chosen room.

In case you missed it before, allow me to give a little background information behind this lovely brand:

Lulu Watts is a children's fashion designer based in London and has developed key collections for Liberty, The Little White Company & Aquascutum.

"Lulu & Nat was founded in 2007 with a dream to create playful, bold designs for kids to live in colour & dream in colour."

"The designs are modern, vibrant & playful, and celebrate the creative power of children. Whilst these design values ensure Lulu & Nat carry a unique aesthetic story, equal importance is placed on the quality of the products offered."

Lulu & Nat aim to make shopping for the home an easy & joyful experience for the whole family, whilst we are safe in the knowledge that the products are made to last and will bring a colourful contemporary feel to any room. Just take a look at their collections and you will see for yourself. Their patterns are wonderful.

Lulu And Nat's main focus is on special products for babies' & kids' bedrooms, however, they do have a range that caters to adults, so us mums who love their designs can find colourful & vibrant Lulu & Nat products for other parts of the home. WIN!! The design creations are carefully co-ordinated across the ranges to provide whole looks that are contemporary & fresh. In other words, whilst looking for bits to brighten up the kids' bedrooms, I could very easily and therefore accidentally, end up accessorising  the whole home! 

Oh well ... there are definitely worse things that could happen!

In our previous post, I sat down with Munch, and we picked out designs for each bedroom, and she had a go at co-ordinating patterns to achieve some beautiful results!

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have been sent one of their gorgeous products to try out for ourselves. 

Sorry Munch, this time it's your baby brother's turn to take the reviewer baton from you, as I don't think this item really fits in to your chosen colour scheme ...!

Here we have the Boats toddler cot bed duvet set, which is part of their Baby Bedding range. This is one of their new prints and really is beautiful. As you can see here, the print has a distinctively unique appearance, as it has been hand block printed. I really do love this feature. It makes it feel that little bit more special and personalised! 

In the Pack:

1x Duvet Cover
1x Pillow Case

Baby Plum, this one is for you. 100% cotton, but not your usual 'just out of the packet' scratchy cotton. I was pleasently surprised when I opened the packet at how soft the material was to touch. I am used to opening new duvet sets and feeling compelled to throw it in the washing machine before using triple measures of fabric softener to have the slightest chance of filling it with a duvet and pillow! Not this time though. It almost felt ready to lay on the cot! However, I did wash it first. Apart from anything else, I wanted to see how well this lovely hand block printing survived a domestic wash!

I generally wash at a 30° temperature, and this occasion was no exception. The rear of the packet states that the duvet set is perfectly suitable for machine washing in a 30° wash. And, so far, I have found this to be completely accurate.

Look here! Our colours haven't run, they haven't faded, in fact, after the 3 washes the set has now had, the colours have not altered one bit! This is important in any situation, but especially if you have a number of items that are the same design to match. The last thing you want is for pillows, duvets, cushions and bunting to start varying in colour after a few weeks! 

Other washing instructions include: 

Warm iron 
Do not bleach 
Warm tumble dry 
Do not dry clean 

The duvet cover measures 120cmx150cm (around 47"x59") and the pillowcase measures 35cmx57cm (around 14"x22") 

There is no duvet in the packet, just the duvet cover, but Baby Plum is only 6 months old, and we are in the warmer months, so he has been very comfortable laying on top of the duvet cover for now. It sure does brighten up the cot!

A definite 5 Stars!!

I would definitely give Lulu and Nat top marks for quality. At first look, yes, their prices seem high end, and yes, you can go into a high street shop or online and purchase a duvet set for half the price, but, referring to the ago-old saying, "you get what you pay for". This is so true here. The covers feel more expensive, they wash like they're more expensive, and I like to think they're sending Baby Plum off into sweet dreams of boats on the sea each night, so for that alone, they're worth their weight in pure gold! 

Rest assured, wherever you see this label ...

... you know you can expect true quality, comfort and creativity in a product made with care and attention to detail, especially for you and your home. 

Thank you Lulu and Nat!

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We were sent the Boats Cot Set free of charge for the purpose of this review. No other payment has been made and all words, thoughts and opinions are 100% our own and have not been influenced in any way.


  1. Lovely bedding & a very cute baby.

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