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Thursday, 8 May 2014

As the planning begins ...

Planning our stress free wedding!!

Ok, so expecting the planning of our wedding in 2015 to be completely stress free may be a little on the optimistic side, but I figured, we have three children, The Man works full time, our lives are stressful enough. So time to try and plan something with a little less tension and a little more fun!

The Man and I have been together now for 9 years. In that time, we have lived in 7 (soon to be 8!) different homes together, owned 3 (soon, hopefully to be 4!) cars, bought Alfie, our Pooch and created 3 beautiful babies. It has been quite an eventful 9 years. Yes, we already live as a married couple live. We share everything - belongings, finances, responsibilities, secrets, the lot! I feel there is very little we don't know about one another. But we want to get married. Not because we feel we have to, not because it would bring big changes to the way that we live, but because we want to. I think it is especially important to me, because apart from the fact that The Man is the love of my life and I've spent years wanting to be his wife, our children share his surname. I want to share that surname too!

So I'll start (kind of) at the beginning. Well, at the beginning of this chapter, anyway.

12th February, 2013. The Man's birthday. Munchkin and I had plans, and they pretty much ended up looking a little like this ...

I think the photos speak for themselves? 

I even approached my closest friend with the special request of being my Maid of Honour. 

Ok, so it wasn't 14th February on a Leap Year, but who cares. I'd waited long enough, and decided that his birthday was a much more important day than Valentines Day. He was well aware that I wanted to marry him, but events in the years leading up to this day stopped the dream from being any more than just that - a dream. So he said yes, and we decided on a date in September 2014. However, our babies always being good at reminding us that they are the ones in control of our calendar, made us decide to postpone this date, when we discovered that baby #3, our beautiful Baby Plum, was due to arrive in December 2013. Not wanting the stress of planning for a baby and a wedding at the same time, we decided to wait until 2015 to marry. What's an extra year, after all?! 

See - stress free thinking from the very start!

Now, Baby Plum is a few months old, and we are ready to kick start this planning malarkey! 

I've always had some amazing 'Fairytale' ideas in my head about how I would like my wedding to be. Remembering back to when I was little, I wanted the horse and carriage, the huge jawdropping beautiful dress, the gathering of gorgeous little bridesmaids, the party that no one will ever forget ... You get the idea? 

However, a big extravagant show is no longer on my 'must have' list. Maybe it's because I've grown up and am no longer that 14 year old teenager with her head in the clouds. Maybe it's because I have now met my 'Prince Charming' and now life is no longer a fairytale, but is all so real. Maybe it's because we have all we want from life in both each other and our 3 amazing children, and therefore no longer feel the need for a big 'send off' from single life. I suppose we stopped living the life of singletons a long time ago!

Whatever we choose to have, now is the time to start making those choices, and I can't wait to start putting some real ideas together. And I have this beautiful album here to record our journey. From choosing our date to booking the flowers, from sending out 'Save the Date' announcements to setting a table plan, I can do it all in here. I can record information, pen ideas and store cuttings, leaflets and business cards, so everything can be kept in a nice civilised order making my planning less stressful. 

I also have my little black book. This fits perfectly in my handbag and can come with me wherever I go, whether that is to Wedding Fayres, or out on the weekly grocery shop. After all, you never know when an idea will pop in to mind or something happens to inspire you. Best to be prepared, as with everything that happens for me in a typical day, I am likely to have forgotten everything by the time I get home! This way, I can record handy notes on-the-go, and transfer them over to my album when I am home.

I've never tried meditation before, but it has been recommended a number of times to me. I'm not sure why people think I would benefit from meditation. Juggling 3 kids under the age of 5 wouldn't have anything to do with it ... Would it? Whatever the reason, I now have a meditation DVD to release the tension and help me to refocus on what is important! Meditation for Beginners is just that. A simple, easy to follow, gentle introduction into meditation. Anyone that knows me and my lifestyle personally will know, I could always do with a little relaxation and refocusing occasionally!

To help me along the way, because let's face it, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to planning a wedding, I have a few hints and tips from the experts. The ones who know exactly what is involved in organising your big day. Stress Free Wedding Planning is a handy little book in which 'Experienced Wedding Professionals Share Their Secrets' covers everything from creating your invitations to planning the Honeymoon. With this, I can benefit from the experience of 10 wedding professionals who aim to help me avoid many of the mistakes made by couples throughout their planning process. I am sure I will invent many a faux pas during the next 16 months or so, but at least this book could attempt to keep me on track a little. 

One thing is for sure, and that is Munchkin is almost bursting with excitement about the whole thing. I have my amazing mum and my beautiful Maid of Honour to assist me with parts of my planning and to get involved in all the fun bits. But Munch has to be my little right hand girl and will be by my side for every minute of it. After all, she has informed me that she will be a bridesmaid, and a flower girl, and in have to go with her plans because she has all the best ideas ... Apparently! So it looks as though, from the drawings she has already shown me, that I will have a VERY large hot pink dress, and she will have one that matches, our cake will have many candles and we will be having a pasta based Wedding Breakfast! Sounds fine, Munch. Just fine! 

So, in the meantime, I guess we should make a firm decision on our chosen date for September, 2015 and look into having some 'Save the Date' cards printed. And what better company to choose than one that calls itself StressFreePrint?! A company that promise to take all the stress out of your printing needs by providing a personal and trouble-free service. 

Our main passion is you, the customer. Every single member of our team is focused on one thing only ... Exceeding your expectations in everything we do. And by "everything" we really do mean everything ... From print quality to turnaround time, from competitive pricing to exceptional customer service. We work hard to make your print buying experience as smooth and stress free as possible. 

So, here's to our yet to be confirmed big day in September, 2015, and the beginning of our stress free planning!!

I was sent the items of wedding stationary pictured as a thank you for writing about the beginning of my wedding planning journey, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced. No other payment has been received for the writing or publishing of this post.

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