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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Designing and Digging ... Planning the perfect garden!

Planning for ... One day!

We have been without a garden at the Munchkin Patch for a little over a year now, and we miss it terribly. we miss all sorts of things about having the garden, things I took for granted when we had it. Putting the washing on the line, throwing the door open for The Pooch to wander around freely, watching the kids running and falling around on the grass, sitting outside on a warm evening with my laptop and a glass of something cold ... it's often the little things I miss!

However, it looks as though we could soon be moving into somewhere more permanent ... somewhere with a garden! Yes, excitement levels are high!!

Munchkin can remember having a garden before. She recalls playing on her swing in the sunshine and building snowmen in the Winter. She misses it too. She was just 3 when we moved away from that house, so there are many things we didn't do then that we would love to do now, and she often talks about the things she would do with a garden now.

Munch has decided she would love her own flowerbed and vegetable patch. She has declared that in such a patch, she will grow sunflowers, roses and daisies, and tomatoes, strawberries and bananas (yep, bananas!), oh, and some green beans for Beastie Boo. 

When we had a garden, Munchkin loved caring for her sunflowers!
"Beastie loves green beans - I will grow them and she can eat them all!"

That's very generous of her, don't you think?! It seems Munchkin is very serious about getting active in the garden. We've talked about how much she would need to look after and care for her little gardens, and this has just made her more keen than ever! That got me interested in reading up a little on gardening with children. She is clearly very excited, and I want to make sure I get the best out of it for her. She is a very fussy eater when it comes to her fruit and vegetables ... maybe this could make a difference? I want to get as many ideas and tips for this as possible. And I would love to get Beastie Boo involved too. So I had a good look around at what information and inspiration was available and found a number of resources online for gardening with the little ones. Roll on Summer!!

Munch has also made a (very long) mental list of the different activities she would like to have available in her new garden! She wants a slide, swings, a sandpit, water trough, a trampoline, a see-saw, a climbing frame, a roundabout (!!) and, of course, an epic playhouse! It's beginning to sound as though we will need to move into a country park rather than a house with a garden!! Hopefully, we may have our new garden by the Summer, so I suppose a few widely recommended garden toys will need to be bought! 

Now, this is all very well, but at this rate, our garden will just be one big playground for the kids! How about my little place to sit on a Summer's evening ...? How about The Man's place to work his magic with a barbecue on a Sunday afternoon ...? Well, for starters, before I instinctively call my dad and father-in-law round to unleash the power of their green fingers and landscaping experience to turn my ideas into a reality, it would be nice if The Man and I could learn a little about basic landscaping ourselves. Nothing extravagant ... just some decking, nicely lined flowerbeds and a fish pond maybe ...? Then I just need to work on finding a few extra hours to slot into each week somehow in order to find the time to maintain it and keep it looking lovely!

As you can see, I would love a beautiful garden. Maybe in a few years, when the babies are no longer babies. That'll give me a few years to research all of the hints and tips I need to keep it looking beautiful, as right now, I actually know very little about gardening!!

Until then, I can carry on dreaming and just keep looking at gorgeous furniture for the garden, because let's face it, it's a place for us grown-ups too!!

So, my lovely readers, throw some inspiration my way. What are your favourite bits about your gardens? What are your ideas of the 'must have' garden toys? And finally ... anyone any good at landscaping who has a few extra hours to spare ... fortnightly ...?! Please, someone distract me, or I'm in danger of spending a fortune on beautiful garden furniture!! And I haven't even got a garden yet!!

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