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Thursday, 10 April 2014

A perfect place to play!

Anyone that has been following the Munchkin Patch recently will know that we are really excited to be moving soon. We can't wait to be out of the cramped place we are in now and into somewhere with a little more space. During the past few weeks, I have written about decorating bedrooms to reflect the personalities of the kids, I have written about creating the perfect garden and about designing little havens of calm throughout the home! In our world of crazy, I think me and The Man deserve a little haven of calm of our own ... surely?

Anyway, Munchkin has been saying lately that she would love a playroom for her and Beastie when we move. Now, I don't know how possible this will be as it will all depend on the size and design of the home we relocate to, but it got me thinking. It got me thinking about how nice it would be for the girls (and Plum when he's older!) to have a little space to play together without getting in the way at several points in the day, about how lovely it would be to be able to decorate a room especially suited to them and maybe release my creative side again on the walls to create a wonderland of fun for them, and about how blissful it would be to reclaim our living space again and free it from drowning under a sea of toys!! Refer back to my comment about the mysterious haven of calm ...!

So it is something that The Man and I will seriously consider if possible. If we left it up to Munchkin to plan the design herself, we would end up with an interesting combination of pink and purple princess themes, with a splattering of ballerinas, the occasional animal including rabbits, owls and unicorns and brightly coloured polka dots. We should possibly intervene here! Now, I have never claimed to be an interior designer, I'll leave that up to the experts! But I have a number of ideas swimming around in my head about what would look lovely, keeping in mind we also have a boy who would, before long, be playing with the girls too! Maybe a world on pink isn't so suitable after all! 

Now, having three kids means that we are slowly being dominated by toys. Every day, I am having to find 'new homes' for different toys that Munchkin has excitedly retrieved from boxes or cupboards, feeling as though she has just been given something new! And this situation is only going to get worse. Having two girls first means that a large number of Beastie's toys once belonged to Munch. Recycling toys is so useful! However, this is not to suggest that said toys haven't multiplied in their numbers ... by the dozen! And soon, Plum will have his own toys, causing us even bigger issues in the storage space department!

We have never been very 'blessed' with space in our homes, and this has become more and more noticeable as the number of children grow! The lounge has always been the main play area for them, meaning both their bedroom and the living room are full of toys. Extra storage would be a dream right now. Whilst looking for ideas, I came across some good advice with regards to storage!

"If a room is going to waste, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be filled to allow for an all over tidier home."

Award winning Interior Design company Darren Mercer Interiors has today launched a brand new site, and it offers some great tips on using 'spare' spaces around the home as storage. It encourages you to let go of your inner hoarder for the sake of better organisation and greater amounts of space. I am a self confessed hoarder, and a terrible one at that! I need to de-clutter, desperately! I need to accept that those dresses in my wardrobe from 15 years ago will probably look better on someone else than me now, that my favourite pair of killer heels ... with the broken heel ... have seen better days and should now meet the dustbin ... I need to be stronger! This will be my first step to a tidier, more spacious home!

Once I have this bit conquered, I can go on to think about creating the perfect playroom for the kids. I can look into clever ways to store things for them and for us that will contribute towards a tidier home and better organisation. I can move forward in the right direction with regards to making our home somewhere to be truly proud of and a comfortable place for The Man to return to each evening. And best of all, as I said before, maybe we can claim a little of our space back within our vision of a haven of calm by helping the kids to create their very own haven of crazy!! 

Any tips to share ...?

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