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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Dancing with Rainbows, twinkling with stars - that's Lulu and Nat!

The time is finally approaching. It looks as though we could be moving home again very soon. Hopefully before the Summer! We have been in our current home since August, 2013, so not very long. But this place was only meant to be temporary, as we knew that it would only really be suitable until Baby Plum arrived and started needing his own space. That time is not far off!

I am very excited about moving to a home that is more appropriate for our needs and more suitable for our little family. One of the things I am most excited about is kitting out bedrooms for the kids!

Now, the high street do some lovely bits to 'glam up' the children's bedrooms. We live in rented property at the moment, and are therefore often limited as to what we can decorate, and so I like to look at adding colour and that personal touch with accessories and furniture. Looking around the high street, I can get some lovely ideas. Pretty pink bedding sets for the girls, funky blue patterned curtains for Plum ... But I want something a bit more unique. I wanted to find somewhere that would offer whole sets of goodies in matching styles, maybe even some unisex styles, as our world has been so pink for the last few years, it would be lovely to have a wider choice.

Then I discovered Lulu & Nat. I had never heard of them before, but that will be because they are relatively new to the market compared to some of the bigger, more recognised brands.

"Lulu & Nat was founded in 2007 with a dream to create playful, bold designs for kids to live in colour & dream in colour."

I had finally found exactly what I was looking for! One place that would provide modern designs with fun, vibrant colours that would appeal to both us and the kids, and which could be perfectly coordinated to create a wonderful space for the children. One that they can be truly proud of!

Looking through the site, I have found designs that are simply ideal for each of the children's bedrooms. Take a look at the delights I've found ...!

I know I said there was a certain appeal to the choice of unisex styles on the Lulu & Nat website, but Munchkin will be her pink, fluffy, girly self and, for now, that is how she will stay! I would therefore stay true to this and choose styles that reflect her girly girl character. Lulu & Nat cover this!

Lulu & Nat's Butterfly collection would be perfect for Munchkin's bedroom. She loves her pinksand purples, and adores butterflies and flowers, so this would be the natural choice for her. Even if her new bedroom has plain white or magnolia walls, these accessories will help fill the room with colour without making any permanent changes! As shown here, the Butterfly collection includes the full duvet set, pillowcase, cushions (one is even in the shape of a heart ... extra appeal for Munch!), pretty butterly print bunting for the wall and a brightly coloured butterfly print wall hanging. A pretty pink floor rug and some fairy lights added would make for a beautiful little haven for our girly 4 year old!

Then we have Beastie Boo's bedroom. As pretty and girly as she is (thanks to the influences of her big sister!), Beastie is a little more about the rough & tumble than Munch. She is more about the bright colours and fun & funky prints. Once again, Lulu & Nat can provide ...!

Here, something completely different, but totally perfect! Lulu & Nat's Rainbow collection will create a brightly coloured décor without being too feminine! Ideal for any toddler, boy or girl, they can also enjoy the full duvet set and pillowcases and a gorgeous rainbow print cushion for extra comfort. This collection also includes the cutest set of rainbow print pyjamas that Beastie will just adore! And the best thing about this choice is, it would also be suitable for Baby Plum if we ever fancied a 'swap around'!

As for Baby Plum, Lulu & Nat have a stunning Nursery section with so many gorgeous prints, I'm actually having trouble deciding which I like the best! Plum is our little bit of blue in our pinkish universe, and we have been enjoying the little bit of balance that he has brought to our lives! However, there are so many really attractive unisex designs on the website, I haven't felt limited to solely pinks and blues which is very refreshing! 

I do really love the blue stars in this design, and love that it also contains splashes of red to compliment the pattern, making it fun and bright, but definitely perfect for a little boy like Plum, who will, one day, be wanting to escape the world of princesses and pink and find refuge in his own little blue (ish!) bolthole! The accessories I found here perfect for Plum are the lovely cot set, complete with quilt & cover and pillowcase for when he is a bit older and cot bumper. Also, a lovely, bold star printed rug for the floor to brighten up the plain, bland floor covering that normally comes with a rented property! Again, some fantastic matching bunting for the wall too. Here, I found two quilts that I fell in love with for Plum - the blue star quilt with a cute lion design and the reversible stars and stripes quilt. Both would look wonderful in a room decorated this way. 

What's more, if you're handy with a sewing machine (I'm working on that one!), then the individual designs are also available to buy in measurements of material, meaning you can make curtains, endless numbers of cushions, even cuddly toys to match the chosen theme of the room! The possibilities are endless!

I love it when a room's décor can really reflect the personality of those that occupy it, and Lulu & Nat cater for this in a fun yet flexible way, allowing you to coordinate, combine and mix & match until you create that perfect space for you and your little ones. And I haven't even delved into what they have in store for me and The Mr for our bedroom, the living room and the kitchen yet! It's all there! 

Now I'm even more excited about moving home! The Mr had better hide his bank cards ... This could get pricey!!!

All thoughts and words here are 100% my own!

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