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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Starting the year with the best intentions ...

... Starting the year with Kalixa Pay!

January - that time of year when 'the blues' are referred to more often than in any other month!

February - the month spent recovering from January!

The rise and recline of Christmas, the build-up and come down of the new year, the creation and dismissal of resolutions, and the extra-long period between pay packets. January, to some, can be pretty grim, and February can be rather depressing as we try to pick up the pieces left from the previous month.

The man was last in receipt of a pay cheque before Christmas. The 20th December, 2013. Whilst this was very welcome at the time, with it arriving just 5 days before Christmas Day, and only 3 days before the birth of Baby Plum, as we journey deeper into the month of January, the pennies are rapidly disappearing! We have found that we have needed to stick to an extra strict and tight budget during the last couple of weeks in particular, which, with three young children, is not always easy! The wage slip that finally arrived a couple of days ago was extremely welcome ... although already accounted for in its majority!!

When I was looking at different ways to help a family with children stick to a budget, I came across a number of suggestions, 'solutions' and quick-fix ideas which all claim that they will make your life more financially stable and your wallet less empty! However, I don't believe there is a better piece of advice available than that which offers you the chance to improve your financial situation by managing your own monthly budget more effectively. Loans ... they come with hefty interest rates. Accountants ... they come with annual fees. Doorstep lending ... don't even get me started!!! 

Why not use the Kalixa Pay prepaid MasterCard® to help you stick to your 2014 budget - leaving you to fully embrace all that the New Year has to offer?
Kalixa Pay is perfect for anyone looking for a simple and effective way to pay, wherever, whenever…. this simple payment solution can be used both instore and online, and abroad too, meaning you can shop securely wherever you are – whether that’s from the sofa, on the weekly shop or taking advantage of the last of the January sales. Simply switching from your usual debit card to a Kalixa Pay prepaid MasterCard can make a big difference. It makes budgeting easier by sending you a free email or SMS alert every time you use your card (for purchases over £5) detailing what you have spent and your updated account balance ensuring you always keep on track of your spending!

The account includes an online portal (eWallet) so you can keep an eye on where your money is going – and perhaps more importantly, how much is left. Additionally, the card has no overdraft facility; so at the start of the week, or month, simply transfer the money you wish to spend, perhaps in line with your new streamlined monthly budget, and rest assured that you cannot exceed it. And best of all you will not be stung by expensive overdraft charges.

If that wasn’t enough of an incentive, as your Kalixa Pay account is not linked to your main bank account, even if the worst does happen and your card is cloned or stolen, you will not lose your entire bank balance. If you stick to your budget for even a few weeks, you will quickly begin to see your 
finances improve! 

The Kalixa prepaid Mastercard is also a great idea if you are getting away on holiday this year. We are hoping to manage a holiday as a family next year, and managing money whilst abroad is always a worry. It always concerns me that it is difficult to keep your cash safe whilst spending time in foreign countries. I suppose that is why so many people opt for using either travellers cheques or credit/debit cards for those mid holiday purchases.

The Kalixa Pay prepaid MasterCard® gives you a simple solution to spending both at home and abroad. With zero foreign exchange fees and the most competitive rates on the market, it allows you to top up with one currency and spend in any giving you total flexibility and convenience. Ideal for families, travellers and business people alike, Kalixa Pay is perfect for anyone looking for a simple and effective way to pay, wherever, whenever.
If you’re planning a pick me up holiday to help treat the January blues and want to make sure you make the most of your money then look no further. Kalixa Pay offers the most competitive foreign exchange rates on the market, and unlike other travel money cards you will not be charged any foreign exchange fees, transaction charges or commission on any purchases you make while abroad.

This simple payment solution is perfect for travellers who need multiple currencies during one trip or for those who travel frequently to different locations. Kalixa Pay enables you to pay securely in any currency, both online and at over 36 million locations worldwide, eliminating the hassle of carrying and exchanging cash. Simply top up your card and you are ready to begin your worldwide adventure. Best of all, if you do need cash on your travels you can also use your Kalixa Pay card to withdraw your money at over 1.2 million ATM’s worldwide. Once your trip is over, unlike other prepaid travel money cards, if there is money left on your card you won’t be charged for spending and you do not have to worry about the exchange rates involved in converting your money back to Pounds Sterling again. You can simply continue using your card to withdraw cash and make purchases on your card 
at over 36 million sales points. No fees, no hassle.

I really do like the sound of this idea, as you are shelling out a very minimal, one-time payment of £6.95 for the card, and then that's it. No more charges, fees or hidden costs. You can then 'load' the card with your budget each month, and be safe in the knowledge that you're not spending the money that has been put aside for bills and other commitments, and you are not living above and beyond your means at any time.

Hmmm ... better budgeting ...?
Maybe I'll surprise myself this year by sticking to a new year resolution after all?! 

The Kalixa Pay prepaid MasterCard, including the eWallet service, is available for a one-off payment of £6.95. 

For more information and to register for your Kalixa Pay MasterCard visit https://www.kalixa.com/Pay.

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