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Monday, 24 February 2014

Penny Pinching as a Pair ...

... Can being in a relationship bring financial benefits?

Picture this ... 9 years ago, before the babies came, before the pooch became a part of our lives, and before me and The Man rented our first home as a couple. Seems like a whole lifetime ago now. We lived in separate properties. We used our own selected utility suppliers, did our own weekly food shops, paid our own rates and bills. We lived 30 miles apart, but would spend money to travel to one another regularly, be it by car or public transport. We would enjoy separate holidays and run up hefty phone bills when we were apart. Looking back, this seems crazy. I wouldn't like to calculate the amount of money we spent between us on general living expenses, let alone the luxuries. So maybe yes, there is a lot of truth in the theory that living together as a couple can reap many financial benefits. 

I suppose it makes sense really. 1 lot of rent/mortgage to pay, shared energy bills, all our utilities under one roof, a shared weekly shop, no 30 mile distance to travel several times each week and no costly phone bills. Yes, independence can be nice ... but lonely. The freedom can be liberating ... but unnecessarily costly!

Next time me and The Man fall out, I'll be referring back to the below infographic and reminding him ...

You're not getting rid of me ... It's too expensive!!!

Have a look and see what you think. Maybe cohabiting is the way forward after all!

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