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Saturday, 24 August 2013

LolliBopping fun! Our day at the Big Bash for Little People!

Last weekend, mummy and I went to London. I had been excited about this day since 17th August 2012, as that was the last time we visited the LolliBop Festival - the Big Bash for Little People! Around came Sunday, 18th August, 2013, and we were off there again! This year, the festival was calling a new venue 'home' for the weekend. Previous years, London's Regents Park has been the location for the event. However, for 2013, the festival came to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, London.

As many of you know, mummy and I have been lucky enough to visit the LolliBop Festival every year so far. The event first opened its gates to visitors on Friday, 5th August, 2011, and played host to some of the most popular children's acts for the whole weekend. It returned again in August 2012, and we were on our way for the third time for what promised to be the biggest and best yet!

I can't tell you who I was most excited to see this year. The line-up was pretty amazing! Some acts were returning for their second or third LolliBop appearance, whilst others were making their debut! I had a whole list of people and characters that I was really looking forward to seeing ...!

And there really was so much to see! The loveable WotWots were wandering around, creating queues of excited children, all wanting a photograph taken with the TV stars, as were Postman Pat & Jess, and in their own little enclosure, we were treated to the Cloudbabies - Baba Pink and Baba Blue!

I think the highlight of my day happened on the main stage at lunchtime. We made our way over to the stage area a while before the action was scheduled to begin, and we weren't the only ones either! Hundreds of excited families were already gathering to take their places for Justin Fletcher's big appearance  and I couldn't wait! We were treated to a special dose of fun offered by the CBeebies team, consisting of Andy Day, Sid Sloane and Alex Winters. They were their usual funny selves, and it was great fun watching Sid falling victim to the 'Gunge Tank' which resulted in him being covered from head to toe in bright green slime! 

After our fun with Justin, singing and dancing to all the familiar music, we continued to explore the park. 

With Itsy Bitsy Strictly within the Lolli Arena ...

... Sid & Andy's Big Birthday Bash, and Shaun the Sheep's Championsheeps taking place in the LolliPalladium ...

... And wonderful face painting ...

... I'll even go so far to say, there was simply too much to see in one day!!

I even managed to squeeze in a quiet little chat with Hello Kitty!!

All in all, mummy and I had a truly wonderful day ... again! I keep asking mummy how many sleeps it is until the next LolliBop Festival. Eventually, I'll hear those exciting words; "2 more sleeps, Munch"!!

The day was really well organised, and even as we were leaving the venue at the same time as so many other families, everything moved smoothly and we experienced no hold-ups at all! 

The journey home from LolliBop is always a sleepy one ...

Not to mention a grubby one!!!

If you've never experienced the delights of LolliBop for yourself, then we would HIGHLY recommend (and urge!) you to keep a close eye on their FACEBOOK PAGE, their TWITTER FEED and their WEBSITE for news, offers and availability for next year's tickets!

We'll be there ... Will you?

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  1. It was another fabulous day and im giggling at the festival feet!!