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Monday, 10 June 2013

My First Crayola Party! Our thoughts ...

"Helping little hands create!"

Crayola, the widely popular brand, famous for bringing us fantastic, high quality art products designed for the little people in our lives, are now offering a new range of supplies that are perfect for the the littlest of budding artists! 'My First Crayola' is a collection that is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers who enjoy using their creative sides to express themselves!

On Monday, 10th June 2013 (8-9.30pm), we will be joining a number of other lovely bloggers on Twitter for our #MyFirstCrayolaParty! Ahead of the party, Munchkin and Beastie were kindly sent a selection of lovely products from the My First Crayola range to test out with their friends. Here, we would like to share with you our thoughts on the products that we were sent!

Here are the goodies that we were sent ...

My First Markers
My First Character Markers
My First Colour & Flip Book
My First 'At The Farm' Colouring & Sticker Book
My First 'Seaside Fun' Colouring & Sticker Book
Musical Rub Art Station

The first thing that the kids reached for were the My First Crayola Colour & Flip Books! (RRP £4.99) These seemed to be an instant hit. With these, little artists can mix and match pictures to make storytelling fun! Coupled with the vibrant My First Crayola Markers that are included, the kiddies got to work straight away , colouring in the different combinations of heads, tummies and feet and making up funny names for their creations as they were going along! There were lots of giggles coming from the kids as they were combining the flaps to make all sorts of zany characters! We had Alien Ballerinas, Dinodogs and a whole host of fabulous mixes!

The Colour & Flip Books come with 3 My First Crayola Washable Markers, but the kids were also enjoying the box of 8 markers that they had been given, which gave them a few more colours to be creative with! The lovely thing about these markers is the tip - they are very 'blunt' which I found minimised the mess that Munchkin is so good at making with pens! It also seemed to make her less inclined to scribble too fast, which always results in either very soggy pages or/and dry marker pens! I noticed that she was much more careful with these. I like the way, as with other Crayola markers, that the lids can be placed on the end of the pens whilst they are colouring, as Munchkin is the worst for leaving 'lidless' pens around to dry out. At least this way, we weren't faced with numerous lids rolling off the table! Another big advantage to these markers, is that they are washable. They do not seem to stain the skin or clothes. Munchkin managed to cover her arms in bright red ink as she kept laying her arm in the coloured sections before they had the chance to dry. The glossy pages of the Colour & Flip Book mean that the ink stays wet for longer than it would on regular paper. However, using a wet wipe removed all traces of ink from her skin within seconds of wiping her. I was really pleased about this!

As well as the My First Crayola Washable Markers, we were also lucky to be able to try out the range of My First Crayola Toddler Grip Washable Markers (RRP £4.49) which were perfect for Beastie's little hands!

Bright, sturdy and chunky, My First Crayola Markers are twin sets of appealing, animal character themed, easy grip ergonomic markers which are designed to fit a toddler's grip comfortably. A green monkey, a yellow lion, a blue elephant and a red bear are the characters that are available in the collection, and Beastie absolutely loves them! This was her first experience of taking pen to paper, and she was very intrigued!

The chunky grip made them easy for her to control, and also come with the special blunt tip which is designed especially for your mini DaVincis! These Character Markers are suitable for 12m+ and, like the other markers in the My First Crayola range, are non-toxic and washable. We really like these markers and know that Beastie will continue to use them as she learns more and more about putting marks on paper (and preferably not the walls!)

Munchkin loves stickers, so the combination of stickers and colouring make the My First Crayola Sticker & Colouring Books (RRP £2.49 each) another favourite with her! Children can scribble and stick with the two differen books in the collection - At the Farm and Seaside Fun. With these, storytelling brings your child's creations to life. The themed activity pages enable young art lovers (12m+) to reinvent their creations over and over again with 30 re-positionable stickers and 24 large scale colouring pages. Munchkin and her party guests enjoyed deciding where all of the stickers would be best placed within the book and talking about what they thought was going on in their pictures! 

I loved watching the little ones becoming little storytellers when they were creating their scenes with the stickers. Crayola certainly has a way of bringing the imagination to life!!

Last, but by no means least, we had a play with the final product in our My First Crayola bundle - the My First Crayola Musical Rub-Art Station (RRP £9.99). With this piece of equipment, you can fine tune your child's creativity as they can select one of the two dual sided rubbing plates, insert them into the frame with paper and use the crayon tool to design original drawings by simply rubbing over the surface! As character images emerge through the textured plates, they create tuneful melodies and fun sound effects to keep young children engaged and enthralled! 

The easy grip crayon tool meant that this product was suitable for all of our little party guests, who were aged between 11 months and 5 years! The kit comes complete with 4 chunky crayons that fit the tool perfectly, and the children enjoyed creating scenes with the tool which could then be removed from the frame and coloured in! The Rub-Art Station requires 3xAAA batteries, which provide hours of fun! The rubbing plates can be stored by sliding them onto the back of the frame, and this also provides a handy little storage compartment for the chunky crayons. This is especially handy when you have little ones as it keeps the whole kit together to avoid disappointment caused by missing parts.

To find out more about the My First Crayola range, join in the chat on Twitter between 8-9.30pm by following the Hashtag #MyFirstCrayolaParty. Here I will be joining 9 other mummy bloggers to bring talk, information and fun competitions for a whole 90 minutes of Crayola Chit-Chat! So get the kids tucked up in bed nice and early, grab your chosen tipple and pop on over. You can find me on Twitter as @MunchkinHart

More information regarding our #MyFirstCrayolaParty can be found over on Blog By Baby

Hope to see you there!!

We were sent the mentioned products for the purpose of this review and to enable us to give accurate information during our #MyFirstCrayolaParty on Twitter. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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