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Friday, 28 June 2013

Making a house a home!

Making a palace for our Princesses!

Some time in the not too distant future, we will be looking to move home ... again. The home we are currently in was only intended as a temporary stop, and we have now reached the point where we are feeling the lack of space. With a nearly 4 year old Munchkin and a year old Beastie Boo both tearing about the place, leaving a trail of toys in their wake, I have tripped over one too many building blocks and stepped on far too many dolls house pieces! The walls seem to be closing in on us a little more every day as the number of toys increases at a crazy rate. We need more space!

When we do move, I would like this time to have the opportunity to decorate for the girls. Up until now, we have decorated the walls with carefully placed pictures and wall canvases, the floors with pretty rugs and have done what we can to make a special place for them. 

As I mentioned, Munchkin will be celebrating her 4th birthday in less than 3 months, and has developed a real little girl's personality now. She knows what she likes and could tell you exactly how she would want her bedroom to look.

In one, single word, she could tell you exactly how her room would look ...


Munchkin is, unmistakably, a girly girl. She loves everything to be pink, and has, what she thinks is a sharp eye for things that do and do not match! A little interior designer in the making here ... That would be interesting! She loves pink that much, she has already decided that Beastie couldn't possibly grow up liking pink too. Beastie must love red ... or maybe purple ... just as long as it's not pink! 

There are all sorts of adventurous things I have thought about doing with Munchkin's walls, from funky feature walls to hand painted murals. However, none have been possible so far due to our living space. 

Whatever we decided to do, I will have to look up some hints and tips first! With the websites, books, magazines and eBooks that are available these days, all bursting with ideas and advice on how to get the job just right, our only real dilemma should be in the decisions! I know that I would like for us to do the job ourselves. Ok, so DIY has never been a very strong point of mine, but it shouldn't be too hard, right ...? I did find an eBook full of ideas and how-to guides on DIY decorating, and feel it may be getting quite a lot of use when the time comes ... very soon!

I have just asked Munchkin how she would like her room to be decorated when we move home, and yes, she came back with the one-word answer; "Pink". However, when I prompted a little more information from her, we were really going places with the imagination!!

So ... I need to paint ponies ...

'Pink up' the walls ...

Cover the floors with anything pink and fluffy ...

... And the list goes on!!!

Now, where is that eBook ...?!

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  1. Wow I love all the bedroom ideas! My little girl who is 4 keeps now asking for a Pink bedroom so we're going to decorate for her but am looking around for nice designs for her wall. I love the My Little Pony Wall feature!!