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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Treating the family with Jellyegg!

Shopping in a 'Sunny Side Up' fashion ...?

Have you discovered Jellyegg?

We have used the site a number of times here at the Munchkin Patch. We've used it for ourselves and for gift ideas on various occasions. Munchkin and I decided the other day that we would sit down together and construct a kind of 'Wish List' using Jellyegg. I anticipated that this would be interesting, as Munchkin likes a lot of things!! If nothing else, it would give me some birthday present ideas ... and who doesn't like a bit of shopping, even if it is of the window variety?!

If you haven't heard of Jellyegg before, I recommend you take a look. A whole host of big brands all together on one site! 

Firstly, inevitably, we looked at all of Munchkin's favourite things!

Now, as you know, Munchkin is 3, and she is a real girly girl! She loves everything that is pretty and pink, and if it is adorned with flowers, butterflies and fairies, then even better! It's a good job there is plenty of pink prettiness to be found on Jellyegg.com!

That's one seriously pink Wish List!!
Munchkin's list contains goodies from Fatboy, Jibbitz, Kiddimoto, Crocs, Babybanz, Aladdin, Togz, LittleLife and The Sticker Family. All great names that we were already familiar with.

Munchkin then went on to make a list of all the things she decided Beastie Boo would love ...

Yes, Munchkin has decided that Beastie Boo would like products from Totseat, Mum2Mum, Doomoo, Fatboy, KidsKit, Kiddimoto, LittleLife, The Sticker Family, Togz and Rubbabu. I think that Beastie would be quite satisfied with her big sister's choices!!

Then I told Munchkin to find some things for mummy on the site. After directing her away from the Kiddimoto Balance Bikes and the Bumble Bee LittleLife Daysack, we found the sections suitable for me! This is what she came up with (with a little help, of course!) ...

She made some great choices for me. I especially love the range of Keen Footwear that they have available. I really love the boots - they look SO comfortable!

She even found something for the pooch ...!

There really is something for everyone at Jellyegg. And with some great, unique gift ideas too, you shouldn't be stuck for inspiration again! 

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