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Thursday, 16 May 2013

My babies have wrecked my wardrobe!

Everything changes!

Before my babies graced my life with their joyful presence, I had a brilliantly varied wardrobe. My choice of clothing was pretty much endless. Going out was never a stressful concept, as I would never have the struggle to find something to wear. My only dilemma would be about which of my many pairs of shoes would look best with my chosen outfit. 

My wardrobes would be stacked with all sorts! Dresses: some for formal occasions, others more casual, skirts, suits, smart trousers and jackets, and the crop tops I used to have - I had loads! Back in the day when my stomach was toned and my skin was tanned! Back in the day before my babies!

These days, my everyday wardrobe tends to consist of jeans, combat trousers and vest tops! And the thought of going out somewhere special will require several days careful planning, and often a shopping trip when I discover that nothing I have is suitable! I still have all the lovely clothes I wore back in my before babies days, but they tend to be packed away in bags and boxes, ready for the day that I might magically fit back into them again!

What I really need to do is restock and replenish.
I need to get my wardrobe back into a less embarrassing state!

I need to remind myself that being a mum doesn't mean being completely off trend. Sometimes I go shopping for clothes and feel as though designers are only making clothes with tall, slim 19 year olds in mind, but this is not always the case. I can still enjoy high street stores like New Look and find clothes that fit me and look decent. I suppose sometimes, I just need to be a little creative about how I wear them. 

Ok, so right now, cute little crop tops and figure hugging hot pants may have to take a back row pew as even the thought of squeezing myself into these kind of make my eyes water a little, but not everything in today's ranges should be ruled out! 

Although I may not feel totally comfortable wearing dresses that fall too far above the knee, or wearing tight leggings with tops that fall above the waist, knee length dresses and leggings can make a very flattering combination. 

Now I have spent far too long browsing the latest season's collections on New Look's website, and am dangerously close to spending lots of money that I just don't have. This is why I shall fill my online Shopping Basket with all of the goodies I have my eye on and accidentally leave my laptop open in a prominent place where The Man will stumble across my virtual Wish List!

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