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Thursday, 23 May 2013

A 'Pocket of Paradise' in North Wales ... with some added fun ...

Can you say ‘Penmaenmawr’? It’s pronounced ‘Pen-mine-mowrr’ and you really want to roll those Rs to get it right. Still, you don’t need to articulate the name of this town correctly – you just need to know where it is and how perfect it can be for your next family break.
If you’re travelling from the north, you’ll see Conwy Castle before the valleys of Pennmaenmawr and if you’re coming from the south, keep your eyes peeled for Penrhyn Castle in Bangor. Either way, you’re just minutes away from this pocket of Welsh paradise.
The village is cushioned between two big mountains, one of which is an active quarry and well worth a walk around if you get the time. The other bears the path to Conwy Castle and on a sunny day, its surrounding beaches look almost Caribbean from the peak.
The village itself is quiet and the roads are twisty (in a lovely way). The pebbly shores make for one of the best places to go skimming stones in North Wales; you could spend a whole day there with the kids – and you know it’s a good beach when the ice cream stall serves ‘proper’ Mr Whippies.

Best holiday park nearby
Whereas North Wales on a whole is recognised for this type of secluded beauty – you definitely want some real fun from your family holiday. There is no better place nearby than Presthaven Sands – it’s packed full of stuff to do for the kids but this is also one of Haven’s best holiday parks for mums & dads too.
Things to do for grownups:
  • Heated indoor & outdoor swimming pools
  • 2 ShowBars and a new Live Lounge
  • Direct access to a sandy stretch of beach
Things to do for kids:
  • Heated indoor fun pool (with a slide and two HUGE tap waterfalls)
  • Plenty of sporty stuff with professional coaching
  • Playgrounds and kids clubs on-park

On top of those main things, there’s a load of aqua-based activities to get involved in and extras like laser combat, bowling, go karts, roller blading – the list really doesn’t stop.

Getting there…
Whether you fancy booking a holiday home or taking your own caravan, Presthaven Sands welcomes both holidaying ideas. It’s about a 40 minute drive away from Penmaenmawr and has the beautiful town of Chester in the opposite direction.
All you need to do to is get your North Wales holidays at Haven booked early (ideally before the kids break up for summer) and hit the road. It doesn’t cost much and if you get the weather, it’s better than going abroad anyway – purely because of the amount of fun things to do, coupled with the surrounding ‘shire-like’ scenery.

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