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Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Graco Evo Mini visits Peppa Pig World!

Once the initial excitement of being selected to be testers of the new Evo Mini for Graco had passed slightly, the real testing was underway. I wanted to take it everywhere. Test it in every possible situation. I wanted to get cracking straight away. Beastie and her chicken pox, rotten cold and the painful arrival of two teeth meant that the first impression testing that we did was confined to indoors. You can read all about our first impressions on un-boxing the Mini Evo HERE

A few days after receiving the Evo Mini, we had a big family day out planned to Peppa Pig World, and looking at how comfortable Beastie seemed in her new ride, we decided that this would be the ideal opportunity to give it a good test! 

First test ... carrying the Evo Mini to the car ...

As I mentioned in our first post, the Evo Mini folds really small. With folded dimensions of 79.8cm (Length) x 48.3cm (Width) x 22cm (Height) and a weight of just 6.2kg, even I am able to carry it to the car without a struggle. I am only 4' 10" tall, so the lightweight, compact folded frame is very important for me. 

Second test ... putting the Evo Mini into the car boot ...

Ok, so for us, this is not much of a challenge! We have a Xsara Picasso which has a very spacious boot, and would accommodate the pushchair as well as a whole load of shopping at the same time. However, the size of the folded frame means that I would expect it to fit comfortably in most car boots. Again, the light weight means that is is very easy to lift into the boot too.

Third test ... getting the Evo Mini ready for use ...

This pushchair is remarkably easy to open up. A small clip holds the frame together in folded mode. This is easily opened and the frame unfolds whilst I steady it holding the handlebar ... with one hand if necessary! Very useful! The frame 'clicks' into place which tells me it is safe to put Beastie into the seat.

Fourth test ... Comfort in the Evo Mini ...

I think the face speaks for me here?!  From the moment Beastie is sat in the Evo Mini, there are smiles! The 5-point harness is nicely positioned and easily adjustable, and the harness pads are simple to move around until they are in a comfortable place. The seat is well padded, yet the fabric seems to keep her at a really good temperature. No sweaty patches on the back of her head or soggy feeling bums when I take her out! With the reclining back, she is also free to have a good nap if and when she fancies it. She's far too stubborn curious to do this very often though!

Fifth test - General ease of use of the Evo Mini on a family day out ...

Moving around the park - Easy. Venturing in and out of the gift shop to chase an excited Munchkin - No problem. Ideal height for both vertically challenged me and The Man who is near on 6 foot - Yep. Providing a smooth, comfortable ride for Beastie - Every time! Snacks for the whole family as well as all the other essentials for a day out fit nicely into the basket without adding any noticeable weight to the frame.

I was concerned on the day of our outing that Beastie would become agitated and uncomfortable easily during the afternoon as it was a bitterly cold day, and with her being too small to join in the fun, I was worried she may become frustrated. However, she was happy, she was comfortable and she was warm. The rain cover came in handy on the windy walk back to the car at the end of the day too, keeping her nicely shielded from the cold, damp air.

We have been sent the Graco Evo Mini for the purpose of an ongoing review and are competing for the title of 'Graco Ambassadors'

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