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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review: Operation Oven Pride!

Oven Pride is the UK's number one oven cleaning brand with 58% value share of the oven cleaning market. With a powerful formula and innovative rack and tray bag, Oven Pride provides unbeatable results first time, every time. So you can get back to enjoying your culinary creations with friends and family!

Being a family who like to cook, our oven tends to suffer a bit! Especially as the man can be particularly impatient on occasions and thinks that whacking the temperature on the oven up a notch will only have positive results. However, we all know that this just ends in a mess! Cue sauces spilling over the edge of dishes and toppings splattering the oven walls! And we also all know that it tends to be the job that gets 'forgotten'. Whether that is a deliberate 'slip of the mind' or a genuine one, the oven door is closed once cooking is done and said mess is not revealed again until the next hot meal!

I was very interested when we were sent a sample of Oven Pride to test out at home. Typically, as we hadn't been living at our current property for very long when we received this for review, we were lucky to still have a very clean, fresh oven. This was not a problem ... I just got The Man to cook ... lots! 

Within a few weeks, as expected, our oven needed a good clean!

Shameful ... yes?

Not for long, however. Time to put Operation Oven Pride into action!

My previous experiences of oven cleaning were not pretty. Lengthy periods of time spent on hands and knees, scrubbing the inside of the oven with a scourer that seems to fall apart at the mere sight of the oven interior whilst being left ever so slightly light headed by the overwhelming fumes given off by the chosen cleaner. All this whilst the wire shelves are 'soaking' in a sink that is far too small to accommodate the whole thing! No wonder cleaning the oven is top of the list of most hated household jobs!

However, Oven Pride is different. The bottle of cleaning solution comes complete with a cleaning bag for the racks and a pair of rubber gloves. This product is designed to give you a sparkly clean oven with minimum fuss and effort! And it delivers exactly what it promises to.

Transforms Racks & Grills ...

As I mentioned earlier, on previous occasions, I had to scrub the oven shelves in stages. They would need a good soak in a sink of hot soapy water, but this also needed to be done bit by bit as the sink was never big enough for the shelves. This was a very difficult, messy and frustrating task. This time, however, was different.

To clean the oven racks, you are given the following, easy to understand instructions:

Carefully place no more than 2 racks into the Oven Pride cleaning bag, taking care not to tear or puncture the bag. Add approximately 1/2 to 1/3 of the Oven Pride cleaning solution.

Seal the bag whilst dispelling as much air as possible and then fold the bag around the rack(s), keeping the solution in the area to be cleaned. Gently tilt the bag until the solution has coated the rack(s) and leave for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, tilt the bag again to re-coat the rack(s) and soak for a further 4 hours. For best results, leave overnight.

To remove the rack(s) simply open the bag and pull downwards at the sides. Do not reach inside. Remove the rack(s) and rinse carefully with hot, soapy water.

We did exactly this. The shelves were placed into the bag with the recommended amount of solution for the specified length of time, and placed carefully onto a flat surface. All I needed to do was to make sure that the shelves were well coated in the solution and leave it to work its magic!

As you can see here, after 2 hours, the solution is clearly working well. The solution has removed a huge amount of the dirt and it has fallen away from the racks without any manipulation from me at all. At this point, the bag had not been moved at all. 

After another 4 hours, the solution had removed even more of the dirt, and the slightest touch of the racks through the bag caused even more of the grime to fall away.

Before the racks had even been removed from the bag, this is how clean they were beginning to look. At this point, I took the racks out of the bag and rinsed them with hot soapy water to remove the last few spots of dirt (of which there weren't many at all!)

Tackles inside of the oven too ...

Whilst this was happening, Oven Pride was also working hard on the inside of the oven. 

Once again, simple to follow instructions, which read as follows:

Pour some of the remaining Oven Pride solution directly into the centre of the oven

Using a sponge / cloth, carefully apply Oven Pride to the areas to be cleaned.

Leave to soak for at least 4 hours or for best results, leave overnight.

Remove residue with a sponge / cloth and rinse with plenty of hot, soapy water.

And once again, I followed the directions carefully. I admit, I did not leave the solution to work overnight. Mainly because, having the two children, I needed to work the job around them. Therefore, I did this during the day whilst Munchkin was at nursery. However, I am not sure Oven Pride could have been any more effective if I had left it overnight. As soon as the solution was applied, I could see it working straight away as I spread the solution around the oven walls. That was all I needed to do. Well, for 4 hours, anyway. A good rinse with hot, soapy water then removed all of the residue and I was left with some very pleasing results!

Unbeatable Results: Powerful, fume-free and easy!

In conclusion, Oven Pride certainly beats any other oven cleaner that I have tried to date. It certainly is powerful and easy to use. And as for 'fume-free', this was a really lovely difference to alternative solutions I have used. There were no fumes at all! This would make me much happier using the solution with the kids in the house. Some solutions I have used give off fumes so strong, the whole house would be filled with the unpleasant smell of oven cleaner!

I would definitely recommend Oven Pride to anyone. It's ease of use and impressively effective results alone are the reason that I will use this product again!

We were sent a bottle of Oven Pride to use for the purpose of this review. However all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. Thanks so much for this review! We're about to leave a rental which hardly had a clean oven when we moved in, and we've not given it more than a cursory wipe down while we've been here. I usually use a spray cleaner but it doesn't get results like this. Will definitely be picking this up this afternoon.