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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Our Graco Evo Mini: To sum it up ...

Looking back ...

This weekend, our testing period with Graco draws to a close. As you know, we have been testing the Graco Evo Mini for the past few weeks, and have used it in a number of situations ...

We have 'played' with it indoors, getting acquainted with the various and numerous features. From the very start, we recognised all of the great qualities that would make this testing programme such a pleasure! The sturdy frame, the robust wheels, the big, spacious shopping basket, the comfortable, padded reclining seat, the large hood, the comfy grip on the handlebar, the smooth handling and the fact that both Beastie (8 months) and Munchkin (3 and a half years) both fit nicely into the seat with plenty of space to move, made us very excited about being testers for Graco!

We have visited a theme park for the day with our Graco Evo Mini. We have seen how it helps to shield Beastie from the Wintery elements and provides a comfortable place for her nap. We have thoroughly tested the ease of the Graco Evo Mini's manageability and have felt the benefits of the large shopping basket for holding packed lunches and essentials for the family.

We have taken our Graco Evo Mini shopping with us. Navigating through busy shops, getting in and out of lifts and taking on the challenges presented by crowds and the need to re-energise mid shop with a cup of coffee on the go! We have taken the bus, the train and put or Evo Mini into the boot of the car. 

Beastie's Graco Evo Mini has been hijacked by Munchkin whilst on her way to a Bedtime Stories session at nursery one evening. We found how suitable it is for her too, even at over 13kg. She told us her 'favourite bits' of the Graco Evo Mini and takes Pinkie Pie along for the ride!

Finally, we have used the Graco Evo Mini day-to-day, in the rain, the wind and the sun. With and without Munchkin, to the shops, the park and on Sunday walks.

In conclusion, in case you haven't realised, we love our Graco Evo Mini! There is nothing we have found that doesn't work for us. Most importantly of all, Beastie absolutely loves her new pushchair!

Thank you, Graco Baby for inviting us to test your Evo Mini!
We have had loads of fun!

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Thanks for following us on our Graco Evo Mini Adventure!

We have been sent the Graco Evo Mini for the purpose of an ongoing review and are competing for the title of 'Graco Ambassadors'

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