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Friday, 12 April 2013

Blindingly Beautiful!

... Time for new bathroom blinds!

Not too long ago, we bought some new curtains for our new lounge. We hadn't long moved in to our new property, and our previous house provided all curtains and blinds as part of the fixtures and fittings! Our new property, however, did not. We have a lovely set of double doors in our lounge as well as a window, and they were all bare! I'm quite a 'private' person, and I like the idea of being able to pull the curtains and blinds closed at the end of the day and love the fact that I can 'shut the world away outside' and enjoy the cosy atmosphere inside!

My previous property boasted a large front window, and the landlord had provided wooden Venetian blinds for the lounge. However, the blinds were either very well used, or had not been treated very well, as they neither opened or closed fully which made me feel very uncomfortable during the evenings as I felt the inside of the room could be seen from the street. 

We were not sorry to leave them behind!!

Now we are in our new property, I appreciate so much more, just how important decent curtains and blinds are to me. I enjoy having good blinds that I can close securely in the kitchen and the bathroom. Sometimes, I feel it can really pay off to have your blinds professionally measured and fitted. This is a service I would really love to use when we are finally settled in a place of our own, rather than rented accommodation! I have found a great deal of comprehensive advice on choosing, measuring and fitting bathroom blinds safely, advice that I will definitely take on board when my time comes! Bathroom Blinds offers advice, tips and images to help with decisions, as well as a direct link to Hillarys who offer the professional measuring and fitting service that I am so interested in! 

I do feel that one of the biggest problems with the blinds in my previous property was that they had not been measured out accurately, making each one either too big or too small for the window space. This, and their poor condition caused the sun to be shut out during the day and the uncomfortable feeling of being 'watched' during the darker hours! A professional service would help to prevent this from happening in the future!

What can I say ...? I like to keep the outdoors where it belongs when it gets dark ... am I getting old ...?!

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