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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Top 5 science kits for kids!

When it comes to igniting a passion for science in kids, it's well worth using every opportunity you can to do so. National Science & Engineering Week will take place later this month, with the aim of showing children of all ages how subjects like science and maths are relevant to our daily lives. So, now is a great time to treat your child to a kids' science kit, which'll give them a chance to try all kinds of fun experiments at home.
The question is, which are the best kits out there? Below, you'll find our top five, while you can see a comprehensive range of options here.

1) Stepping into Science
Age: 5+
Let's start with kits for young children. If your child has recently turned five, one of the best kits out there is Stepping into Science. Designed to introduce kids to the exciting world of science, this option contains 25 fun experiments for little ones to enjoy at home.
These experiments are based around several key areas of science, including physics, chemistry and nature, which makes it a good overall introduction. Plus, as parental supervision is needed, it also provides a great opportunity for spending some quality time together.

2) Space Exploration
Age: 8+
Space often fascinates children, so if your son or daughter has expressed an interest in the stars, it's well worth encouraging this with Space Exploration. The great thing about this kit is that it's packed with hands-on experiments that are designed to help children understand the cosmos.
For instance, using this kit they can build a telescope, create a star map, make a moon calendar and even launch rockets. Children shouldn't need any adult supervision to use this set, so it's a good choice if you want to give your kids projects they can beaver away at whenever they please.

3) Wild Physics Cool Chemistry Lab
Age: 10+
Perfect for inquisitive kids, the Wild Physics Cool Chemistry Lab is next on our list. What's particularly appealing about this set is that it gives kids a chance to really see the practical results of chemical processes, since they'll have the chance to do things like replicate blood clots and explode slugs - it might sound a little gruesome, but children will love it!
The other advantage to this kit is that it supports the National Curriculum syllabus, which means it'll help your child out with things they're learning in the classroom. It's worth bearing in mind that they will need adult supervision to conduct these lively experiments, though.

4) Chem C1000
Age: 10+
The next kit on our list is absolutely ideal if your child is ten or over and is already showing promise at science. Requiring adult supervision, Chem C1000 contains a huge range of experiments covering a pretty broad spectrum of topics, which means it's perfect if you're looking for something to support your child's learning across several facets of chemistry.
Providing 125 experiments in total, it also has detailed instructions on fundamental skills like how to set up a laboratory and lab safety, as well as a detailed 80-page manual.

5) Flights of Fancy Radio Receiver
Age: 10+
The final kit on our list is the Flights of Fancy Receiver. This is different from the sets above in that it focuses on creating and understanding the science behind one particular thing - how a crystal radio works.
What's brilliant about it is that kids can actually built their own working radio (bear in mind you'll only be able to hear medium wave AM channels), with everything needed to do so included in the kit. So, this set is fantastic for children who love making things and learning through doing.

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