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Thursday, 28 March 2013

The First Ten Steps to Organising Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life, but planning it doesn’t have to be the stressful charade that all the TV shows and wedding blogs like to make it out to be. Follow these ten steps to get your wedding planning off to a great start, and you’ll actually be able to enjoy planning the day, as much as the day itself!

Step One: Savour Your Engagement

So he’s proposed, or you’ve mutually agreed to wed. No matter how you enter into engagement, make sure you relish it! Tell your friends and family, show off your engagement ring and languish in the excitement for at least a few months before the real wedding planning begins.

Step Two: Set a Date

Yes, this is an obvious next step, but you need a manageable timescale that’s relative to the type of wedding you want. Give yourself as much time as possible to save and plan. Once you’ve decided on a date, check with your close friends and family that it works for them too.

Step Three: Organise Yourself

Buy a big folder, and divide it into sections according to the different parts of your wedding you need to plan – that’s venue, caterer, cars, photographer, and so on. With so much to remember, you can’t afford to be disorganised.

Step Four: Decide on Budget

You’ve no doubt heard the horror stories of weddings that cost more than a house, but the reality is that you can have a perfect wedding, whatever your budget. As a couple, settle on your budget, and don’t be afraid to pull favours and test your DIY skills to make your money go as far as possible.

Step Five: Choose the Theme

Whether you want a glitzy wedding, or a small ceremony in the countryside, it’s crucial to set your wedding theme so that you know exactly what you want to achieve. You should also do your research to get an idea of how much your chosen wedding theme will cost, so that you can make any changes before it’s too late!

Step Six: Snag the Venue

Highly desirable venues get booked up years in advance, particularly for the summer, so if your wedding date isn’t at all flexible don’t hesitate too long before booking. Make sure you visit the venue first, and speak to their wedding specialist to find out if you have any options for bringing the costs down.

Step Seven: Draw Up a Guest List

Now it’s time for the really tough part – choosing your guests. Your budget and chosen venue should help determine how many guests you can invite, and always bear in mind that it’s your day, so invite only those that you really want to share it with you! Once your guest list is finalised, head to the greetings card specialist Hallmark to choose from a wonderful range of wedding invitation cards that nobody will be able to turn down.

Step Eight: Pick Your Bridesmaids

You might think that a bridesmaid’s job is just to look pretty beside the bride, but actually the tasks come with responsibilities, like planning the hen party and attending to your needs on the wedding day. Make sure you choose bridesmaids that you can rely on.

Step Nine: Prioritise

Unless you spend years planning your wedding, you won’t be able to get absolutely everything perfect. So, focus on a few things that you really want to get right, like the food or your evening reception music, and you will save a lot of stress on the whole.

Step Ten: Delegate Some Tasks

Remember those reliable bridesmaids that you chose earlier? Don’t be afraid to ask them to help you with organising things before the day, even if it’s just sourcing napkins or looking for wedding shoes. Make sure your husband-to-be has some set tasks too, so you don’t inadvertently burden yourself with all the planning.

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