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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Make my party twinkle and glow!

Bring on the Summer ...!

This year, I need to get a serious party head onto my shoulders!

In June, Beastie will be a year old ...
In September, Munchkin will be 4 years old ...
... I also need to start thinking about our wedding which I would like to go ahead in 2014.

Each of these events will require a party, each party will be very different!

Each of these is a very special occasion, and I would hope for fair weather for all of them. Good old traditional, British weather means that we should always expect the unexpected, and planning an event that relies on the suitability of the weather brings a big risk. It is, however, on these occasions, a risk I am prepared to take! I would like to consider an outdoor party for all three of these occasions, or at least a party that can spill out to the outdoors. Maybe I would need to consider a marquee or other, similar shelter (just in case!), but this is something I would really like to do. The girls love to be outdoors, as do most kids, and I feel that this would be really lovely for them. 

I know that outdoor functions bring extra considerations in addition to preparing for weather misfortune. These would include protecting food from the millions of flies and wasps that always visit during these functions, appropriate heating if required and, of course, outdoor lighting if I am intending for the party to continue into the evening hours. Ok, so Beastie's party, being her first birthday, would most probably be an afternoon event. Even Munchkin's would probably end before the daylight completely disappear. Our wedding, however, would be a different matter! 

I am a huge fan of pretty outdoor lighting at parties. From tiny, twinkling fairy lights to flaming torches, outdoor lighting can transform the mood as well as being practical for the occasion. I know that I want lots of lovely lighting at our wedding. It can change the appearance of a venue from something quite plain into something really elegant! 

Nowadays, one of the beautiful things about outdoor lighting is that it can be extremely economic! With outdoor solar lighting becoming more and more popular, this may well be something that I will think about for the girls' parties. I think some of the solar lamps available for the garden are perfect for lighting the way and creating a more inviting atmosphere.

So I think I have decided. Some simple, outdoor solar lights for Munchkin and Beastie Boo's parties, and a mixture of solar and mains powered lighting for the wedding. With the range of choice that is available, now I just need to decide which ones to have!

Please send lucky sunny weather vibes to us! Pleasant weather from mid June until late September would be perfect ... thanks!

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