My name is Lily-Sue, but my mummy calls me Munchkin (or 'Munch' for short!) I am 8 years old, and this is where my mummy will help me write all about all the fun things we do together. I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of my mummy and me, Munchkin, with the occasional appearance from the siblings - Beastie and Plumlet.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Mummy, the Shoes ... and the Wardrobe!

As Summer is fast approaching, I have to admit to looking at my wardrobe and feeling extremely uninspired and not particularly excited about unpacking all of my summery clothes! I used to really look forward to putting away all my wooly jumpers and swapping them for vest tops, packing up my thick, heavy jeans and replacing them with light linen trousers and skirts. However, this year, I have been putting off such a task for a couple of reasons. First of all, the good old British weather forecast has not really provided me with much of a reason to pull out my lighter clothes. Every morning of Spring so far has been yet another morning for jumpers and jackets rather than sun hats and sandals! Secondly, I think I need a new Summer wardrobe!

Last Summer was spent wearing maternity clothes. I gave birth to Beastie right in the middle of the hot weather and therefore by the time I was ready to wear my own 'normal' sized clothes, the colder weather was beginning to creep in. I am in desperate need of some simple daytime styles that will take me through the summer months both in comfort and on trend! Not to mention the fact that I have a family wedding to attend in a couple of weeks time and could really do with finding something that fits me properly!

I was having a browse through New Look's website, as this is a High Street store that I regularly use. I like their collections and I love their sizes! Everything I have ever bought from New Look fits the way I would expect it to. In fact, the majority of my maternity clothes were from New Look, and they all fitted well too, so their consistency in sizing obviously applies throughout their lines! So I decided I would create a wishlist to see if I could get myself a little more inspired and find myself an outfit that may be suitable (but still practical!) for a wedding ...

I have always been a big fan of the range of Summer Maxi dresses that are available in New Look. I love maxi skirts and dresses. Not only do they look really pretty, in my case, they can hide a million sins! Although I have managed to lose the majority of my 'baby weight' since having Beastie, there are still certain lumps and bumps that I would rather keep hidden for now! 

I spotted this gorgeous dress and thought it looked ideal for a wedding reception ...

Combined with these shoes ...

And just in case we don't get the weather we are hoping for ...

I could honestly spend and incredible amount of time (not to mention a dangerous amount of money!!) browsing New Look's website. There are hundreds of styles, with thousands of style combinations. I know I could easily sort out my suffering summer wardrobe in this one place. I already have my eye on a few bits and pieces that have caught my attention whilst writing this post. Maybe, just maybe, The Man will read this post and treat me ...?

C'mon ... don't make me spend another Summer wearing my maternity tops! It's not a good look!

The First Ten Steps to Organising Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life, but planning it doesn’t have to be the stressful charade that all the TV shows and wedding blogs like to make it out to be. Follow these ten steps to get your wedding planning off to a great start, and you’ll actually be able to enjoy planning the day, as much as the day itself!

Step One: Savour Your Engagement

So he’s proposed, or you’ve mutually agreed to wed. No matter how you enter into engagement, make sure you relish it! Tell your friends and family, show off your engagement ring and languish in the excitement for at least a few months before the real wedding planning begins.

Step Two: Set a Date

Yes, this is an obvious next step, but you need a manageable timescale that’s relative to the type of wedding you want. Give yourself as much time as possible to save and plan. Once you’ve decided on a date, check with your close friends and family that it works for them too.

Step Three: Organise Yourself

Buy a big folder, and divide it into sections according to the different parts of your wedding you need to plan – that’s venue, caterer, cars, photographer, and so on. With so much to remember, you can’t afford to be disorganised.

Step Four: Decide on Budget

You’ve no doubt heard the horror stories of weddings that cost more than a house, but the reality is that you can have a perfect wedding, whatever your budget. As a couple, settle on your budget, and don’t be afraid to pull favours and test your DIY skills to make your money go as far as possible.

Step Five: Choose the Theme

Whether you want a glitzy wedding, or a small ceremony in the countryside, it’s crucial to set your wedding theme so that you know exactly what you want to achieve. You should also do your research to get an idea of how much your chosen wedding theme will cost, so that you can make any changes before it’s too late!

Step Six: Snag the Venue

Highly desirable venues get booked up years in advance, particularly for the summer, so if your wedding date isn’t at all flexible don’t hesitate too long before booking. Make sure you visit the venue first, and speak to their wedding specialist to find out if you have any options for bringing the costs down.

Step Seven: Draw Up a Guest List

Now it’s time for the really tough part – choosing your guests. Your budget and chosen venue should help determine how many guests you can invite, and always bear in mind that it’s your day, so invite only those that you really want to share it with you! Once your guest list is finalised, head to the greetings card specialist Hallmark to choose from a wonderful range of wedding invitation cards that nobody will be able to turn down.

Step Eight: Pick Your Bridesmaids

You might think that a bridesmaid’s job is just to look pretty beside the bride, but actually the tasks come with responsibilities, like planning the hen party and attending to your needs on the wedding day. Make sure you choose bridesmaids that you can rely on.

Step Nine: Prioritise

Unless you spend years planning your wedding, you won’t be able to get absolutely everything perfect. So, focus on a few things that you really want to get right, like the food or your evening reception music, and you will save a lot of stress on the whole.

Step Ten: Delegate Some Tasks

Remember those reliable bridesmaids that you chose earlier? Don’t be afraid to ask them to help you with organising things before the day, even if it’s just sourcing napkins or looking for wedding shoes. Make sure your husband-to-be has some set tasks too, so you don’t inadvertently burden yourself with all the planning.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Graco visits The Munchkin Patch ...

The Graco Evo Mini ...

Our first impressions!

Last week, I received a very exciting email. We have been selected by Graco to test their brand new pushchair, the Graco Evo Mini!

By the end of the week, we had a (very welcome!) courier knocking at the door, and I was accepting the delivery of our brand new Graco Evo Mini! Now, Beastie has been suffering with quite a nasty case of chicken pox, so the burning urge I had to break open the box immediately was put on hold for some time until I had settled her! However, she didn't delay the inevitable for too long and I was able to get my hands on this newly released pushchair for the first time!

Here I would like to share our very first impressions of the Graco Evo Mini with you all!

I was home alone with Beastie when our delivery arrived, but had no problem transporting the box into the lounge by myself as it wasn't as heavy as I expected it to be. On checking the box, I could see that we had been sent the Evo Mini in the Grenadine colour scheme, which I was extra excited about!

I opened the box and removed the contents ...

The pushchair comes in four parts. The pushchair frame (with seat fabrics and shopping basket already attached), the hood, the front wheel and the back wheels. The instruction leaflet clearly shows in diagrams exactly how the pushchair should be assembled, ready for use. No tools are needed. I carefully placed the frame upside down on the floor, and was able to 'click' the front wheel and back wheels in place really easily. As soon as they had snapped in, they felt extremely secure and sturdy. Next was the hood. This also clicked into place using clips that attached to the frame and the fabric is secured to the main fabric using popper buttons. 

That was it! Our Graco Evo Mini was ready to use!

Excuse the scantily dressed and rather spotty Beastie here! But the chicken pox wasn't about to stop my our play! 

I can safely say that our initial impressions of the Graco Evo Mini are very positive ones! It feels lovely, smooth and light to move around, and although the handlebar is not height adjustable, it is at a very good height for me and The Man to use (despite the hefty height difference between us!) 

The front wheel turns 360°, effortlessly, and has an easy to activate lock to stop it from turning, which of course is great for uneven terrain.

The seat is very well cushioned and Beastie looked extremely comfortable. In fact, she shouted at me when I tried to lift her out after 5 minutes. This resulted in her staying put for around 40 minutes! This did, however, provide me with the perfect opportunity to see how well the Evo Mini coped with her relentless kicking! She kicks constantly, and boisterously! This can often make her slip downwards in a pushchair which eventually gets her very fed up and uncomfortable! Not in this though. The 5-point harness kept her firmly and comfortably in place!

The shopping basket is huge! Another feature that is vital to us! There is enough space in there for us to carry all of the things we normally would, and more!

The Evo Mini also comes complete with a rain cover, which we are yet to try out, but it goes without saying that this will come in handy!

Most of our reviews at The Munchkin Patch will usually feature a product that is for Munchkin or for Beastie, however, it would seem that I have TWO perfect little testers for this one! The Evo Mini is suitable from birth to around 3 years (15kg) which means that both girls can use it safely and comfortably!

Finally, for now, this pushchair is so easy to fold and unfold! Slide one button and press another, both at the same time, and that is it. These buttons are conveniently placed on the handlebar. And when folded, the Evo Mini is very compact, which is great for us as storage space is not something we have very much of!

I am really looking forward to testing the Graco Evo Mini in as many situations as possible, and hope that you enjoy reading our thoughts. For now, Beastie is busy exploring deeper into our delivery ...

We have been sent the Graco Evo Mini for the purpose of an ongoing review and are competing for the title of 'Graco Ambassadors'!

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Baby Weavers Jet stroller Review - Kiddicare

Some of you may remember that, just before Christmas, we were invited to (and attended) a special 'Blogger gathering' to celebrate the opening of the brand new Kiddicare superstore at Lakeside, Thurrock. Any of you that read our review will know that we were immensely impressed with everything about the store and were excited about what the future held for the store. We have visited the store a number of times since, and our reasons for visiting ranged from wanting to purchase something specific to meeting up with friends for a coffee and a chat and so that the kids could play in the designated areas (although they did plenty of 'playing' in the not so designated areas too!)

Very shortly after our visit, I was delighted to be invited to be a Kiddicare Blogger and was offered the fantastic opportunity to review one of their own wonderful products - the Baby Weavers Jet Stroller.

Baby Weavers is a brand exclusive to Kiddicare and the range consists of more than just pushchairs. Baby Weavers have created beautiful nursery furniture, car seats, highchairs, baby swings, and much more. This here was our chance to test out this lovely, lightweight, umbrella fold stroller and to add a touch of colour to Beastie's ride!

Initially, we were given the choice of 5 different, attractive colour schemes:

Munchkin helped me with this decision as I was having difficulty choosing! Of course, she was going to go for pink! Munchkin always chooses pink! So the decision was made, and we ordered our Baby Weavers Jet in Nelly Pink!

When it arrived, I was really surprised at how small and compact the box was.

It was very clear to see from the details on the box, a description of its contents and key features. The pushchair was simple to assemble and was ready for use within minutes.

This lightweight, umbrella fold stroller is simple to open, by releasing a catch on the side of the frame and allowing the front wheels of the pushchair to 'fall' forward. Pretty standard for an umbrella fold design! The mechanism clicks into place easily, and the pushchair is ready to use!

Next job ... To take our new pushchair out for a spin! And what better place to take it ...?

Outside Kiddicare, Lakeside
The first time we took it out, it was a really bright, sunny day, and we therefore made good use of the fair sized hood. Beastie loves the hood. A number of times, I have found her sitting back whilst staring at and 'chatting' to the attractive pattern on the inside of the hood!

Beastie is extremely comfortable in the Jet. The seat is very substantial and comfortable, with a fully reclining backrest. As a result of this, the Baby Weavers Jet is suitable for babies from Birth to around 3 years (15kg) Beastie will often nap in the pushchair when we are out and about, so a reclining backrest is very important to us. And the Jet reclines a generous amount, allowing a comfortable sleeping position for baby. I am confident that her back and neck are sufficiently supported whilst she is napping.

Beastie in the reclined Jet
Beastie is 8 months old now, and therefore she is a huge fan of looking around and taking in everything that is going on around her. This is the first forward-facing pushchair that she has experienced, and it is safe to say that as she was placed in the stroller in its upright position, she was very excited! The 5-point harness seems comfortable and is fully adjustable, and comes complete with cushioned strap covers that match the fabric inside the stroller hood. The harness holds Beastie firmly and comfortably in place. If she is not sitting right back in the seat, it can sometimes be quite tricky to fasten the staps as she ends up sitting on half of the strap that passes between her legs, but at least this means that she is sitting straight before I set off with her in the stroller. 

Beastie upright in the Jet
The Jet is lovely and open, making it easy for Beastie to look around when we are out, making her a much happier baby when we are out. 

The Baby Weavers Jet has a kick down style brake system which is secure on the steepest of hills! It is simple to activate and release the brake, which is great for us as I use a lot of public transport and when I am having to manoeuvre the stroller into a small space on the bus or the train and apply the brake, I can usually do so easily.

Close-up of the brake and folding mechanism
Whilst I am on the subject of public transport, the Jet has been a great stroller to use all round when I am out and about with the girls. The separate handles and swivel front wheels, combined with the light weight of the stroller make it easy to navigate through busy towns and rush hour underground stations. And as it is nice and compact in size, I never feel as though I am taking up an unreasonable amount of space on the bus or train.

Close up of the shopping basket
Then there is the shopping basket. This is another important feature for us, as I am out and about quite a lot with both Munchkin and Beastie by myself, so having a spacious shopping basket means that I can keep my hands free to keep Munchkin close and Beastie happy! Although I wouldn't risk putting anything too heavy in the basket, as it is a netted basket and wouldn't withstand a great deal of weight, but it is perfectly substantial enough for any trip you would expect from a good stroller!

Showing the Jet with the rain cover attached

As well as the fantastic practical and functional side of this pushchair, there is also the physical appearance. The Pink Nelly is a really cute design, with the main textile colour being dark pink, which covers the exterior of the hood and the seat fabric. This is complimented by a lovely pattern of elephants, giraffes, lions and turtles which covers the interior of the hood and the harness cushions. For me, this is a really sweet girly pattern. As I mentioned earlier, this stroller also comes in other designs, so there is sure to be a Jet to suit anyone's taste and requirements!

Even Munchkin (3 years) fits comfortably!
Although this stroller is primarily for Beastie's use as Munchkin no longer requires wheels to get around, it is really comforting to know that the Jet will seat either of the girls comfortably and safely. There has been one occasion when waiting for a delayed train at the station, and we had been out of the house and very active for the best part of the day, Munchkin's little legs decided they were not carrying her any further! Fortunately, I had prepared for this (which is not common!! Most eventualities have a tendency to creep up on me and find me totally unaware and unprepared!) I had the baby carrier with me, meaning that Munchkin could give her legs a rest, taking comfort in the Jet whilst I carried Beastie. This was surprisingly easy. The separate handles meant that there was no bar knocking Beastie in the carrier and I was able to navigate the stroller without any trouble at all.

All in all, I am really delighted with our Baby Weavers Jet stroller, and I know that it is going to be the perfect pushchair for those summer trips to the shops and the park. However, the raincover (included with the stroller) ensures you are always prepared for the inevitable British weather! This attaches to the frame with 4 velcro straps (2 on each side of the cover) and folds nice and small to sit conveniently in the shopping basket. It is also the ideal stroller if you need something that will fit in the smallest of car boots. This does exactly that. We have carried our Jet in the boots of a Picasso, Focus and a Fiesta and have managed to fit it in comfortably amongst the shopping on every occasion! 

I would absolutely recommend this stroller to anyone who wants something lightweight, reliable and easy to navigate, as well as something that is comfortable, safe and robust for your baby or toddler. Best of all, as is another great feature with Baby Weavers products, The Jet is fantastic value for money. 

The Baby Weavers Jet stroller is available to purchase online and in store at Kiddicare, and if buying this online, you also qualify to take advantage of their FREE Next Day Delivery service, and at the time of me writing this review, the Baby Weavers Jet has a massive 55% off of the RRP! Our Jet gets so much use, and will continue to do so! And something that has surprised me greatly, although it is pink, even daddy doesn't mind being the one pushing it around!

To keep up with news, offers and updates from Kiddicare, visit their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter!

The Baby Weavers Jet

Breathe some serenity into your home!

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a calm and peaceful mind, and one of these is the home. Many people can get concerned about work and play but we can breathe extra life into us just from our home life. Thinking of serenity probably flashes up things like yoga this control is something that needs to be applied to where we live as well as who we are.

In order to get this serenity in your home, you need to bring order to your surroundings. Living in a world of consumerism, having a clear out can be a difficult task but as spring approaches consider what you really need and de-clutter the house to make it an oasis.

As the famous British writer G.K. Chesterton said, “there are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.” While this may sound easier said than done, a stock check on your possessions can really help you and your family. So, how do you go about having a good de-clutter? I’ll bet more than a few families have some unused Nintendo DS’s they want to sell.

Box it up – Once you have assigned some time to it, you should begin a clean with deciding what piles things should go in. Four boxes like return, keep, pass on and fix should mean you have an area for everything. Target one room at a time and ask questions about each piece.

Make items usable – It may sound obvious but keep things that you need in easy to find spots. From keys to phones to manuals to CDs, you need everything as close to your fingertips as possible. Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated searching for something you really need and definitely steer clear of needing duplicates.

Be creative – Sometimes thing have to stay but that doesn’t mean they need to be in the way. Think about every space in your home and any features that can be used to hide and store items.

Change your perspective – One of the best ways to reduce clutter is through a change in thinking. Think of how you would like your home to look and make it happen. Be clearer with what you need and what you want.

Make money – What can offer more serenity than making money from de-cluttering your home and mind? Well, nothing really. So take this opportunity to take unused books, technology and entertainment and sell them online at websites like Music Magpie.

While there are plenty more tips where these came from, this is a great start to “simplify, simplify” just like we were urged to do by philosopher Henry David Thoreau in the 19th century. A clean house is a healthy house and that makes it a comfortable home for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Making home a safer place ...?

Child proofing whilst staying practical

I'd just like to start by pointing out that this is not a 'how-to' guide, or a promotion for any particular product(s) or brand. This does not contain a list of all of the gadgets and gizmos that I feel every parent needs in order to make their home 'baby proof'. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about safety in the home. Maybe this has been prompted by the arrival of Beastie Boo 6 months ago and the realisation that I now need to consider safety for a (soon to be) crawling baby as well as a lively 3 year old. Maybe it has been brought on by the fact that we have recently moved home and have therefore needed to start from scratch again when planning furniture arrangements, or even the fact that I read a very sad story recently where a family was left torn apart after a home safety disaster had tragic consequences. Whatever has raised my awareness has made me want to look at whether I can do more to keep my babies safe when they're at home.

The question many people ask is "what do I need to make my home 'baby proof'?" Personally, I don't believe there is any such thing as completely baby proof. Babies are designed to get into everything they shouldn't, so is child proofing all about cupboard locks and safety gates? In my opinion, a huge part of making your home safe for babies is about attitude and way of life. 

Munchkin was quite a late walker. She was pulling herself to her feet by her 1st birthday, but didn't start taking proper independent steps until Christmas day, 2010, when she was 15 months old.

When she was born, we were living in a very small 1 bedroom house. The living area downstairs was tiny and there was very limited space for her to explore. Also, due to the minimal size of the room, the furniture was all very close together, making it very easy for her to 'cruise' around, holding onto the furniture. As a result of her later development, we did not have to hurry to search the shops for all of the various safety products that are recommended to parents these days. The only consideration we really had was our dog, Alfie. We knew, as our downstairs area was open-plan, that Munchkin and Alfie would spend their time together in the same room, but we wanted to be able to keep them apart when necessary. The absence of doorways meant baby gates would be of no use at all, so simple 'barricades' were set up using household items, large toys, cardboard boxes, anything that could build a safe and secure wall between the two of them. This way, we were able to keep Munchkin away from the kitchen, meaning away from many of the potential dangers that lurk in the kitchen with cupboard doors, cupboard contents and cooking hazards.

So, we were lucky enough to be able to manage with a couple of sets of these. Corner protectors ... small, soft plastic covers for the sharp corners of furniture such as the TV unit and bookcase in the lounge ... colourless and plain plastic corner protectors. Or rather, as Munchkin saw them ... little pieces of fun! She allowed them to be stuck to the furniture for no more than 24 hours. Don't get me wrong, they're sticky. They're very sticky! However, a few hours and they were stashed away in her little handbag ready for when she would inevitably discover or create a use for it later on! Needless to say, pretty soon after attaching them to the sharp corners of the furniture, they no longer served a safety purpose. Her imagination, however, was well and truly satisfied as she found many obscure uses for the little lumps of plastic!

When Munchkin was 11 months old, we moved to a bigger home. Now we had 2 living rooms. One at the front and one at the back. "Brilliant" we thought. We decided to turn the front lounge into more of a playroom for Munchkin. This way we could concentrate on "child proofing" that one room. So, like optimistic fools parents, we re-attached the corner guards (even firmer than before!) and set about putting further safety measures in place. After a quick 'risk assessment' of the room, we made our shopping list ...

We used a stair gate to separate the front room from the back room. This way, Alfie could stay in the back and Munchkin in the front. They could still 'communicate' as they always had, but we didn't have to worry about the dangers of them being alone. 

Socket Covers are one item that we have continued to use all over our home throughout Munchkin's life. They're so simple, yet essential! 

Drawer Locks were for the drawer underneath the TV cabinet which she loved  to investigate. But we all know drawers and little fingers make bad partnerships, so securing the drawer shut was the only way! These measures managed to stay put. Well, all apart from the Corner Covers - they still ended up in a little pink handbag somewhere. She never managed to defeat the stair gate which kept her in the one room (unless supervised of course - I don't want people thinking she was always shut in one room!!) Nor did she ever manage to loosen or remove the Socket Covers, although she tried ... many times!!

Even with this protection in the room, and still if I had installed even more, I would never say the room was ever 'child proof'. I don't feel it ever could be. Children will still fall from the sofa, run into walls, trip over toys, and of course, as every child will, step on that rogue Lego brick! Kids will be kids, and accidents will happen. And with every bump, bruise and black eye, we as parents will wonder if there was something we could have done, further precautions we could have taken, in order to prevent it from happening. My answer is "no". Kids need to learn to deal with the little falls. We can only try to avoid the bigger ones!

Since we had to make these decisions, our lives have changed drastically. The arrival of Munchkin's baby sister, Beastie Boo has had us considering once again which safety bits and bobs we will need to stock up on ready for the day she decides she wants to start crawling. We have also moved home again. We are now in an Open Plan style home again. Although much larger than the house we lived in when Munchkin was born, the living area and kitchen are separated only by a large archway. This means that a stair gate would have to be very wide in order to come close to fitting the gap. Until we find one that is suitable, Munchkin, Beastie Boo and Alfie are sharing the living area. This is working well for now, but we still would like to be able to separate Alfie from the madness when necessary. Munchkin has free roam of the rooms now as we are on a single level so no stairs to worry about. However, we have spring loaded doors, so door wedges are essential. We learnt this the hard way when Munchkin had an unfriendly encounter with a closing door. Enough said!

Think we may need to add some of these to our list as an extra precaution ... 
For now, we are aware that we need to keep our wits about us all of the time and ensure that we are making good use of the eyes in the back of our heads. We feel that one of the most important and valuable things that we, as parents, can do right now is start to really educate Munchkin on what is safe and what is not. We talk to her about the reasons for certain things being deemed dangerous and about potential consequences. As a result, she will no longer open or close doors at home - she will instead knock on a door if she wants it open or call me or her dad to open it for her. We are normally alerted with cries of "DOOR'S CLOSED!!!!" which we are much happier with! After all, Munchkin is 3 years old now and can therefore be controlled a great deal easier than a crawling baby or a toddler, but we still need to be aware of the dangers around us. 

We have also recently been reminded of the importance of securing large furniture items and appliances to the wall to make them impossible to shift or tip. We will therefore be investing in one of these ...

Beastie will be crawling soon, and attempting to hoist herself to her feet whilst holding onto the furniture, so we would like to know that anything that has the potential to tip is securely anchored to the walls.

All in all, I feel that the best way that we can keep our babies safe is to always be aware of our surroundings and to remove the biggest hazards where possible and practical. After all, if we were to eliminate every single lurking risk in our home, I may as well create an empty padded room for the girls, as everything carries its own possible threat. All we can do is reduce the negative consequences as much as possible!

No payment has been received and all opinions written here are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way.
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Top 5 science kits for kids!

When it comes to igniting a passion for science in kids, it's well worth using every opportunity you can to do so. National Science & Engineering Week will take place later this month, with the aim of showing children of all ages how subjects like science and maths are relevant to our daily lives. So, now is a great time to treat your child to a kids' science kit, which'll give them a chance to try all kinds of fun experiments at home.
The question is, which are the best kits out there? Below, you'll find our top five, while you can see a comprehensive range of options here.

1) Stepping into Science
Age: 5+
Let's start with kits for young children. If your child has recently turned five, one of the best kits out there is Stepping into Science. Designed to introduce kids to the exciting world of science, this option contains 25 fun experiments for little ones to enjoy at home.
These experiments are based around several key areas of science, including physics, chemistry and nature, which makes it a good overall introduction. Plus, as parental supervision is needed, it also provides a great opportunity for spending some quality time together.

2) Space Exploration
Age: 8+
Space often fascinates children, so if your son or daughter has expressed an interest in the stars, it's well worth encouraging this with Space Exploration. The great thing about this kit is that it's packed with hands-on experiments that are designed to help children understand the cosmos.
For instance, using this kit they can build a telescope, create a star map, make a moon calendar and even launch rockets. Children shouldn't need any adult supervision to use this set, so it's a good choice if you want to give your kids projects they can beaver away at whenever they please.

3) Wild Physics Cool Chemistry Lab
Age: 10+
Perfect for inquisitive kids, the Wild Physics Cool Chemistry Lab is next on our list. What's particularly appealing about this set is that it gives kids a chance to really see the practical results of chemical processes, since they'll have the chance to do things like replicate blood clots and explode slugs - it might sound a little gruesome, but children will love it!
The other advantage to this kit is that it supports the National Curriculum syllabus, which means it'll help your child out with things they're learning in the classroom. It's worth bearing in mind that they will need adult supervision to conduct these lively experiments, though.

4) Chem C1000
Age: 10+
The next kit on our list is absolutely ideal if your child is ten or over and is already showing promise at science. Requiring adult supervision, Chem C1000 contains a huge range of experiments covering a pretty broad spectrum of topics, which means it's perfect if you're looking for something to support your child's learning across several facets of chemistry.
Providing 125 experiments in total, it also has detailed instructions on fundamental skills like how to set up a laboratory and lab safety, as well as a detailed 80-page manual.

5) Flights of Fancy Radio Receiver
Age: 10+
The final kit on our list is the Flights of Fancy Receiver. This is different from the sets above in that it focuses on creating and understanding the science behind one particular thing - how a crystal radio works.
What's brilliant about it is that kids can actually built their own working radio (bear in mind you'll only be able to hear medium wave AM channels), with everything needed to do so included in the kit. So, this set is fantastic for children who love making things and learning through doing.

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